Thursday, April 2, 2009

Party Planning = STRESS!

I was tasked to plan a party for one of my friends/co-workers who took a job out in Hawaii.....I know....poor her right? I want everything to be perfect, so I've been doing a ton of things to make sure everything goes well, which it never does, no matter how much planning one can do. I started really doing most of the legwork this week. The place was booked awhile back, but it's the gifts and speech, etc that I'm stressing on. I'm not sure if she reads this, so I won't blast what I got her...but I think the small gifts were pretty creative. I got a speech from a friend who left back in october and he cannot make the party, so he has a few words for her. I printed it out and framed it. Corny, I know, but it's somewhat funny what he wrote. He's always good for a laugh.
Now that I'm writing my speech, I want it to be funny and a little serious. I started thinking about what to write when I was in the shower last night and balled my eyes out. I'm going to miss her. She has helped me so much where I work it's not even funny. She's explained a ton to me and I learned so much from her. I don't want her to leave :(
So I wrote up my speech and to some it's probably corny, so I need to probably re-do parts of it, but at least I wrote up most of it, so that's a start. Hubby Mike is going bowling tonight and I normally stay home. I took leave in the AM to prepare last minute stuff for the party and to try to get Hubby Mike to the dentist. so I may go with him to bowling tonight....not sure. I know if I stay home to write more of the speech, I'll just sob all night long. At least being out maybe my funny juices will flow, we shall see.


Debtfreemommy said...

good luck with your speech. Just speak from your heart.

Chicagolandia said...

Don't stress too much about being funny in a speech, you'll be just fine.