Monday, April 20, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Days 3, 4 and 5

This weekend, DH and I took a little mini weekend vacation, it was much needed after last week. Usually when we do our little vacations, we don't 'aim' to save money as the money we take is a separate fund, but this weekend I tried my best to do it a bit more frugual.

--I did NOT buy the WaWa icee like I wanted to on my way down. I figured that once I got to the casino, the drinks are free anyways (just have to tip the waitress) so I'd get a drink once I got there.

--I played a tourney and busted out...darn! And DH hadn't gotten there yet, so I played Let it Ride and won about $400 and then I cashed that was in the plus column!

--DH took the bus down to save on gas and to have only one vehicle down there.

--We went for drinks at a bar at the Big B and they were like $8. I normally don't drink, but if I did, that would sway me NOT to drink! However, my good friend was down there and he bought my beer, so I enjoyed the free beer!

--Ate breakfast for free at the hotel b/c it came with a free continental breakfast. Had my coffee at the casino b/c it's free and it's really good at the Big B.

--Went to dinner with my two friends to the high roller lounge (I'm not one, but they got me in). Had some chicken and salad and filet mignon and some other steak and all I did was pay the $7 tip. Yummy!

--When DH and his uncle got back from golf, they went to the high roller lounge for dinner. My two other friends wanted to eat too, so we all went down (I didn't have to pay as I was down there already and the one girl remembered me and is good friends with my friends, so she hooked me up). I had some prime rib, a hot dog and numerous desserts for FREE!

--DH and I played some poker after dinner, he drank (free..just had to pay tip) and I had a diet coke (just had to tip) and I won some money, so that was good.

--My friend tipped me money to get him breakfast b/c he was playing in a tournament. So for my walk to the place I got paid $5 :)

--DH and I didn't stay too long at the Big B after breakfast as we did not want to come home late. We got gas on the way home and paid cash, so we paid less because of that.

Not much else happened all was more relaxing then anything, and it was much needed. Today I'm off to a good start...didn't spend any money yet :) Tomorrow is $.50 iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts and it goes to a great cause! If you like Dunkin Donuts, 4 Hats and Frugal is having a giveaway for a free gift card to one lucky winner who helps support our troops.

How did YOU save money today?


Chicagolandia said...

Thanks for the reminder of the cheap iced coffee - I love those things, just am too frugal to get them often.
Great job saving and winning - you must be fabulous at the poker tables!

spaghetti0625 said...

I love them too! The coolattas I love, but they are like over $3 for a SMALL. And when we go, DH gets the LARGE one. Granted, he does drink it all but it's almost $5! The WaWa icee is bigger and just the same. Granted it's not coffee, but I get the strawberry coolatta, so it works for me.
Sometimes I'm good, other times I'm not....can't win em all Hasselhoff! LOL

SonyaAnn said...

Too cool about being in the high roller lounge. Did you break even or come out ahead?

spaghetti0625 said...

Yea, it was fun....great food down there and free top shelf alcohol :)
All in all, for the whole weekend, DH and I came home down a bit, but it happens.