Friday, September 17, 2010

Ladies Event at Borgata 9-12-2010

I went down this past weekend for my annual bday weekend. I knew I was going to play the ladies event. However, during our trip, my friend Jerry kept saying that he was going to bet $500 on black and if he hit, he'd buy me in to the tourney. As a girl, YEE HAW if he it and BOOO if he didn't hit. I was too scared (yes, ME scared) to play cash as I'm on the losing end of the stick for a few months in cash, so him and I played Blackjack while Hubby Mike played poker. He told me at the table he was buying me in. I cashed out of BJ even, him down about $200 and we go to register upstairs on Saturday night. Table 9 seat 1. I think 'Not bad....beginning of the tables and a good seat!'. We go find Hubby Mike and he's at a table at 1/2. He's involved in a pot, so I just stand behind him and watch, and don't let him know I'm there. He raised pre flop and a guy called. All low cards on the flop (9 high I believe) and Hubby Mike bets out, guy re-raises him all in for the dude's remaining like $60. Hubby Mike thinks and calls. Rag on turn, Jack on river. Nobody moves. Hubby Mike flips over his pocket 10s. Guy (sitting right to his left) looks at Hubby Mike's cards, looks around at the table (ppl are all in suspense). Looks at his own cards, looks at Hubby Mike, looks around the table (you get the jist), then flips over pocket jacks. He had Hubby Mike the whole way, and then hit a set on the river. And freaking slow rolls like that? That IRKS me to no end. Everyone at the table just sat there like 'what a 'curse word' Well, I speak my mind, I grab Hubby Mike's arm and I'm like 'Let's go, get off the don't wanna be sitting next to a slow rolling douchebag all night'. To which the guy turns to me (an older guy, maybe mid 50s') says 'Eff off'. Hubby Mike then responds 'What did you just say to her?' and I'm like 'Honey, get off the table, I can handle my own' The guy starts ripping into me, I rip back into him. I told him I wasn't talking to him, I was talking to my husband and to apologize for saying 'eff off' to a lady. (he didn't). I had to hold my friend Jerry back b/c he was about to kill the guy. Once again, I can handle my own. I told the guy he'd lose all his money and he's a jerk. Funny note on that...with all the commotion going on, the dealer never took Hubby Mike's chips to match the guys all he's $60 light on his chips....idiot.

Then later on, I go and play 2 5. I didn't want to play, and I hate playing 1/2 NL on a Saturday night, but I felt the itch. Wasn't getting many hands and I bought in for like $455 or something (whatever chips I had in my wallet at the time). I picked up a few smaller pots, nothing big. Then I get ace queen diamonds. I raise to $20, guy to my left calls, and I think 1 or 2 others call. Flop is Ace clubs 6diamonds and 7diamonds. Top pair, decent kicker and nut flush draw. I bet out 50, guy raises me to 150 or so, I push all in. He's thinking, he's thinking. Oh, one of my fave dealers was dealing too. Finally, he calls. Turn is ablank, then a diamond on the river. I flip over my nut flush as he flips over a flush as well...he was on the straight flush draw, but hit a flush on river. So I pretty much doubled up there, and he had to re-buy. By this time, Jerry and Hubby Mike were standing behind me, waiting for me to get off the table. I waited until my dealer left, then cashed out up a few streak was over! And to celebrate I treated myself to some Ben and Jerry's :)

Sunday comes, and we keep Jerry buying me in a secret. He said I've been doing bad with my money and wanted to see if I'd do better with someone else's money. NOTE: I've NEVER been backed before and it's not the good of a feeling if you lose someone else's money. So I go into it hoping my friend made a good investment in me. We are seated by the door, where they normally do satellites as the deep stack was going on as well. Us ladies ALWAYS get the shaft! There was only 17 table set up for the girls, then the last two tables a bunch of guys sat down so we got shafted to 15 tables. Oh well. Only 154 keeps going down...there was about 400 and some about 4 or 5 years ago when I started playing...and each year it goes down and down. So we start playing and I'm doing okay. I keep getting decent starting hands and call a preflop raise and NOTHING on the flop...people were playing fairly tight and showing every hand as well. We had a guy at our table at one point, and he raises and I look at ace king suited...I just call. Lady reraises to 2500, he calls, and I stick around for the flop. Nothing on the flop so I check, she bets, he shoves all in she calls and takes him out with aces. The whole crowd cheered!

At this point, I was down to like 6k from 10k starting stack in the 2nd or 3rd level, so I was not happy. Then a miracle happened. I got lucky so much! I would hit a set, flush, straight, etc. I took 3 girls out at my first table! Within a round or two, I was up to about 22-25k ( I kept miscounting my chips). Then we get moved.....yay. I hate moving ,but got seated next to a girl I sat next to at the last ladies event...the girl that kept going off on the younger guy that played in our event. She's really cool. I got seated at the table with the girl that placed in 10th place. Apparently the girls on my end of the table didn't like her b/c she was a bully. She had a TON of chips. So I'm up at this table, which is good. I get ace king suited AGAIN (I need to just muck them, never call just muck). I call the $1200 blind as I'm the button, small blind call, big blind (chip girl) looks at my me and asks how much I have left. That irks me. There's someone else in the hand, HELLO! So I just lift my arms up. She has a lot of little denomination chips, and I have a mix of them. She raises to 5k, I call. Little blind folds. Flop is nothing and she bets out like 20k...ugh, fold. Dammit, I shoulda popped it pre flop...all well...stupid ace king.

Another hand I'm involved with her I'm the big blind and I check..I have 10 jack off. flop is 10 rag rag. I couldn't see the 10, thought it was a nine and checked. she checks..turn is a king, she bets out huge and I have to fold. Hubby Mike and Jerry are behind me and I freak out b/c it's late in the game and I totally misplayed that hand...ugh!

Then I get moved again. I'm at table 1. Okay not so bad...I still have some chips. Then I get card dead and everyone around me is getting awesome hands. I get blinded/anted down to about 15k before dinner break, and I'm UTG after dinner break, where blinds are 2k 4k. LOVELY! So I don't eat much on dinner break figuring I'm just gonna play 1 or 2 hands after dinner break b/c I'm severly short stacked. I tell Hubby Mike and Jerry we'll do dinner after I bust out. I was tempted not to go back to the table after dinner and hope my blinds would make me survive to the money. I think it was like 12 or so to the money.

So we go back and I'm like whatever, any face card or ace and I'm pushing...sure enough ace 8 UTG. I go all in....EVERYONE FOLDS! What? okay. So I picked up a few bucks there. When I'm in the small blind, another ace, I shove all in, EVERYONE FOLDS again! And there were BIG stacks at my table. Wow! I kept picking up smaller sized pots here and there, and before I knew it, I was up to 70k! From just about busting out to a force to be reckoned with! Then we kept inching close to the money and I was just folding unless I was in the blinds...wasn't getting hands anyways. Then we made it to the final 18 and we were in the money! Then nobody was busting out for awhile, and I see my chips dwindling, AGAIN. But hey, at least I cashed! I'm UTG again, and I say it's now or next hand (blinds were 5k 10k and I had about 16k. I see a queen and shove. Girl to my left goes all in too (chip leader at the table, maybe the tourney), girl at the end of the table shoves too for less. Girl to my left had king 10, girl at other end of the table has aces. I had an 8 under my queen. I flop an 8, girl to my left turns a king and girl at other end of the table hits an ace on the river for a set of aces. Blogger guy was around and we chatted for a bit, then I got my lucky 13 card and got my winnings.

I told my friend that now he had to follow me around and pay my buy ins from now on :)

I did make a shout out to Gorilla, the blogger. I told him I blog for the B on here, and he said he checks the site on occassion. Mentioned the name Ray Stevenson, but I only know our Fred :)

Rite Aid 9-16-2010

Not like I needed any more toothbrushes, I found a deal at Rite Aid and wanted to try it out. Here goes:

11 Reach Toothbrushes - normally $4.49, on sale for $2.99 and then $2 Wellness Reward for EACH one. When I did it, they all came up the right price, BUT I only got 3 $2 Up Rewards ($6). I also got a $10 Up Reward for buying certain Johnson and Johnson products (Listerine, J and J baby stuff is also in that deal). So all in all, I still MADE $3.11 on the deal, so it's still a profit, AND I have $16 to spend on more deals :)