Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our BIG Announcement!

So in my previous post, I related that I had some BIG news, and here it is....DH and I are expecting a little girl on July 3rd!!!!!!

We felt we were finally ready and it happened!  And I want to thank everyone on Blogger for all the support and advice and stories that you have shared to help us on our path.

We are both VERY excited!  I wish I was able to post this when we found out, but it was hard to do it from home, and my work computer blocked me from posting, but I'm back! And expect to see a lot of blog posts from me updating you on everything, and I mean EVERYTHING :)

I really missed everyone on here and hope to learn even more about raising a baby since that's our new adventure :)

Playing Catch Up!!!!

Wow, I haven’t written a blog since JUNE…JUNE!  That’s over 6 months of blogging that I was too lazy to do.  Yes, I admit, I was LAZY! And my job’s web browser was outdated so I couldn’t post, but could comment on others’ blogs…weird huh? Well, I got a new computer at work! So here’s to catch you up a bit:


In June/July I got a very close friend/co-worker into couponing!  Her and I went out a lot over the summer to the stores, but since it’s been cold now that it’s winter time and we are bombarded at work, we haven’t had the time much to go out, bummer.  But I need to start getting back on track big time with my couponing since I haven’t really gone to the stores much so I’m assuming in the next few weeks we will be going back out and hounding for some awesome deals!


I have also dealt with some other personal issues dealing with one friend in particular.  He was my best friend and I called him my second husband and he called me his wife (don’t get the wrong idea people!!!!!!).  He was always over my house hanging out or fixing things or what not.  He and DH also got along well too, so we were like the Three Musketeers.   We had some rocky situations in our past, but we have gotten over them.  However, in the summer, he started to really change.  He’s like Jekyll and Hyde almost.  One minute he would be yelling at me, telling me off, calling me names, then the next minute he’s texting me to go to Staples for him to pick something up.  I know he was stressed about a car thing he was going to, so I chocked it up to that, but then he just became different.  He started hanging out with some new people and changed.  He also got mad at me in public and actually yelled at me in front of DH, and my friend and her husband, for no reason other then him being childish.  He also got mad at me when I went on vacation with DH and my friend and her husband came to visit us for two days while on vacation.  He even defriended me on Facebook b/c I didn’t text him the entire time I was on vacation. Which I did, but his phone sucks, literally, and he never got the texts.  So stupid stuff. But the kicker was in Oct when DH and I told him something so private that nobody else really knew and he flipped out, big time.  For no reason.  I’m glad my brother in law was there, b/c DH and him almost got into a fist fight, it was that bad. And anyone that knows my DH knows that he is the even-tempered one, I’m the fighter.  So it’s just stuff that I’m sitting back and thinking about. 


 I haven’t completely ended our friendship, I almost did, but I didn’t.  I have completely distanced myself from him and only talk via text or email. We really don’t hang out anymore at all. So it’s a complete change for me.  When DH and I first got married, I was okay not having a best friend around all the time.  I had been burned in the past (by both best friends that were boys and girls).  I was happy going to work, coming home, hanging out, hanging with Mr. Q (my coupon binder) and that was all I needed. Then he came along, broke down my walls and was there for me for every little thing, literally.  A bug in the house and DH was at work (I’m home alone for about 5-6 hours after work before DH gets home), call him, he’ll kill it.  Broken lightbulb? Call him, he’d fix it. But now, I’m back to where I started.  It’s definately a change, but it’s one for the better in my eyes.  I have a lot going on and a lot to look forward to and don’t need to deal with that drama anymore. 


DH and I are busy fixing up our house after yet another tub drain incident…it keeps backing up.  So finally someone came out and gave it a good cleaning, so we are going to redo our main bathroom.  The shower always had a leak so DH’s friend’s brother is a contractor and he’s gonna do the whole bathroom for us. We just have to pick out and buy what we want.  My old Best friend will normally do all this for us for free, but with everything that happened, as a husband and wife team we decided this was for the best.  It hurts the wallet, but it’s for the best. So that’s fun. We are also redoing our spare room finally. The floors were never level and we chalked it up to how the house settled. WRONG.  I ran into a neighbor at Shop Rite and she said she had someone rip up the floors and the subfloor that was put in when the condos were built were very cheap and crappy and they pretty much deteriorated, causing the floor to slope around. We don’t feel it as much in the rest of the house b/c it’s all carpeted.  So, DH delivers to a flooring company who said they would rip up the floor and redo it, and cheap too since he delivers to them, so that’s good.  I wanted to do this before the new year. When the hurricane came, we were cleaning out the room, then with everything going on, we just stopped…so now I need to get going on that so they can come in and do the floors.


That’s pretty much it to get you caught up on everything major. I will be posting another post with something BIG!