Wednesday, April 15, 2009

March Totals

Yes, I'm 15 days late, but I've been super busy the past two weeks and no ending in sight :( Oh well, such is life. Without further ado:

Number of items: 210
Total before savings: $586.77
Store Savings: $143.39
Coupons: $124.26
Number of Q's: 78
OOP: $311.39
Total Savings: $278.57 or 47%

So all in all, I did not reach my goal :( I had aimed for 55%, but came 8 below that, all well, it happens! I did a few 'necessary' shopping trips early in the month which didn't produce many savings. I will need to focus more on getting only necessity items (milk, fruit, produce, meat, etc) when on rock bottom sale. We are also looking to get a freezer so I can stockpile meats and frozen veggies. I will aim for 55% this month as well. I have only gone out shopping ONCE so far this month, and I haven't yet wrote out my savings for it. Once I do that, I will need to get my you know what in gear for the next two weeks to meet my goal!

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Chicagolandia said...

Wow - 47% is an amazing savings! Think of how much you would have spent without that, doesn't that just amaze you? I love saving money!!