Friday, April 17, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Day 2

This will be my last post until I come back from vacation Sunday night/Monday morning. I know I won't be 'saving' money on vacation, but where it's called for, I will try my hardest to save money. Right now, I'm debating on stopping at WaWa on my way down for an ICEE. I love them! And at WaWa, you can get the big one for like a buck and change. Anywhere else, it's a ton more money AND it's a smaller cup. And the weather is SOOOO nice today! I can't wait to leave work....2 hour countdown is on!

I did not get to go to Shop-Rite like I wanted, so I didn't get to stockpile, AGAIN.

Here's how I saved money yesterday:

--Instead of going to the golf store outing for women yesterday, I went to see my cousin at her softball game in town. I knew if I went, I'd probably be suckered into spending $$ because 3% of it goes to charity. Big woop. I can donate more and 100% goes to charity. If I desperately need a golf towel (which I do) I'm sure I can use a .25 cent one from the dollar store or something.

--Since DH goes to bowling on Thursdays and I was going to go to the golf place, I didn't take anything out for dinner. Then when I didn't go, we had to figure out what to eat. I was so hungry because I skipped lunch b/c I was busy at work, so we went to the diner. I always opt for the less priced items, so I got a foot long hot dog with fries for like $3.50. The sandwhiches and wraps all cost over $8.

--DH didn't go to bowling last night because he was not feeling well after dinner. So he helped me pack and I downloaded a few songs to my IPOD. And the price went up to $1.29 UGH! Oh well. I bought 4 or 5.

--Since we both needed to shower last night and we had the hot water debacle the previous night, we decided to take a shower together to conserve water. Get your minds out of the gutter, no hanky panky in the shower (hello, we're saving water....get in, get yourself cleaned and get out!)

--I followed DH around the house because he is NOTORIOUS for leaving lights on when he leaves the room. I believe I get a full days' worth of exercise doing this.

--When I filled up my gas tank, I paid in cash, so it's cheaper per gallon then using a credit card.

--Eating out means no dishes which equals no extra running water!

Hopefully I will be able to save some money this weekend while on vacation!
How did you save money today?


Chicagolandia said...

I like the idea of following DH around, turning off lights. If nothing else, at least it'd be entertaining! I tihnk tonight, instead of a movie, maybe it'll be a board game - save a little electricity that way.

Precious said...

You did extremely well yesterday. I know what you mean about DH's leaving lights on. My DH is notorius for this. I have to follow him around also. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.