Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back to the Workforce....

So after about 3 months of being unemployed, I will be heading back to the workforce! Gone will be the days of sleeping in, lounging in my PJ's all day and just watching TV and doing whatever. I've noticed myself slacking a lot since I've been unemployed. I had a workout regimen when I worked, but since I've been unemployed, I haven't worked out ONCE! I've gotten very lazy in that aspect, as well as cooking. If I could heat something up real quick or go to a friends house or order something, I did it. DH noticed too and says that I cook LESS now that I'm home and have the time. Time? Time for what? I haven't read one book, exercised one time, caught up with stay at home mommy friends, etc. I had such high hopes for when I wasn't working....and now I sit here with all my goals unchecked off my list. Hmph.

BUT, I got the job that I ultimately wanted. I guess I kind of gave up hope after losing my job b/c it closed, and maybe that's why I fell by the wayside. It's a government job, which is what I wanted since I was in the government. It's not too far from my house, same distance as my old one, but just in the opposite direction, and it's a tad more money that I was making. But it's a higher grade level, which is great. I had put in for the job over the same, two actually. Same job, different pay band. So I went in for both interviews on the same day. It was a panel interview (which I HATE!). After the interview, I waited over a month to hear (you always wait forever). The lower pay band I didn't get, so I kind of lost hope for the higher grade. At that point of applying for jobs for 2-3 years (I knew coming in I was losing my job in 2011) I would settle for the lower pay grade. But I didn't get. A few weeks later, I heard about the other pay band. Apparently, the director didn't like the way the first interviews were done, and wanted everyone to come back in for a 2nd round of interviews, done the way they wanted it done. Oh man...another interview? So I went in and I did one thing I never did before in the other panel interviews. I asked for their business cards, and followed up with each of them with a follow up thank you email. I found out about a month or so later, I got the job! I got the call on a Friday night, after 7pm...I was so happy. My BFF was with me so he was the first to find out. I called DH and told him, then my parents. I didn't tell anyone else b/c I wanted it to be official and feared (I'm paranoid) that someone got hold of my number and called as a joke. But alas, about 2 weeks later, I got my tentative offer letter! At that point, I put it out on Facebook and emailed my old co-workers to tell them the news.

I did all the paperwork and all and I start Monday, so this week, it's all crunch time. I have my list of things to do, which I keep adding too, and not crossing many off. I had to help my BFF last night selling his motorcycle and then we had a huge issue at his house...call us Dumb and Dumber pretty much, so this morning and afternoon was spent finding him a new bathroom sink. Good times!

So this week, I'm trying to get as much done, waking up earlier, and doing what I wanted to do since I've been unemployed. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, new job, new ME. So I think I'm going to get some highlights and a new style. Can't wait! I haven't even gone for a cut since LAST summer (2010) Yes, I'm not a typical girl...not even a trim! And on Friday, my BFF is taking off work and we are hitting AC for one last weekday casino trip since I won't be able to anymore.

I hope to be able to be more disciplined in the upcoming new year. I am in the Money Saving Challenge and I hope to post weekly updates on how I saved money. I will also post some poker reports and all. Anything you guys would like me to blog about?