Thursday, April 16, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge

For the Stockpiling Challenge, I was not able to hit the stores to do any hounding, so no update on that. HOWEVER, there is the sale at Shop Rite on Colgate, buy any 3, get a $3 Catalina! So if I go and get 3 at a time, using my Q's (I have to check what I have left) this can be a real moneymaker if you rinse and repeat a few times. I will try to do some of this tonight. I am going to a Women's Night at the golf store by my house. I'm sure they want you to buy stuff, but I'm going to try to win some prizes! First 72 women get a free gift, so I'm going to go real early. I also need a golf towel, which are cheap, so I'll just get one of those and I'll check to see what's on sale and what I have Q's for, so I won't spend much. There are 2 Shop-rites on my way, so I can easily rinse and repeat!

As for saving money (or not saving)
--I got my nails done (not saving money) but I needed to get them done. I am thinking that maybe instead of going for a fill-in, I'll just have her do a manicure or just take the tips off (which are my real nails, so just take off the layer that's not mine) and then I'll just paint them myself for the summer. I'm not 100% on this one as getting my nails done is the only 'girly' thing I really do.

--My hair was like 5 different colors. I was due for a root touch up from my hair-dresser months ago, but she hasn't come back to do it. I tried contacting her many times, and she'd make an appt and not show. Oh well. I got a $4 box of Nice and Easy and DH put it in last night. Now my hair is all one color again! Normally, with the roots and a cut, it's about $100, and I paid $4 for the color, so that's a great savings!

--I washed a load of clothes in cold water and hung them to dry :) No dryer necessary!

--For some reason, our hot water stinks in our house. After I did my hair, I had to rinse in warm water, so I did that in the tub. I had my head under the faucet thing for tops 5 minutes. I then watched the end of American Idol, then went to take a shower, there was like NO hot water! Ugh. So I had to do a sponge bath kind of thing. I'm not sure why there was no hot water, not even in the kitchen! This has happened in the past, DH and I took a shower at the same time (2 different showers) and we BOTH had cold water after 4 minutes. I'm not sure if the hot water heater has to be turned up higher or not, but if anyone knows why, let me know!

--I had leftovers for dinner so I did not spend money to buy food, nor did I waste energy heating food up or cooking on the stove.

--I bought my own lunch to work (I normally do). The past few weeks, we've had lunches and parties to attend, so I was buying out a lot, but this week, I've been eating PB & J sandwhiches for lunch. YUMMY!

I want to start off small so that way I don't set myself up for failure. How did YOU save money today?


Chicagolandia said...

Wow - sounds like you're off to a great start! It's exciting to see what you're doing to keep costs low - it reminds me of a spa package DH gave me for Valentines - time to cash that in!

spaghetti0625 said...

Can your DH talk to my DH? I need a spa package!

centralillinoisian said...

You are doing terrific! I agree with the start small idea. If I start off with a bang, then I end up losing interest much sooner. Slow and steady seems to work for me as well.

I don't know about the getting nails done. I have never had my nails done, my hair colored or a day at the spa. I just get a regular old cut and then I am done. No "girly" for me I guess...

Precious said...

You have done a really good job. I love the savings on your haircoloring.

Have you checked to see if the hot water tank is even working?

spaghetti0625 said...

central: Yes, I like the small idea, since it seemed to work well with the budget stuff.
As for the nails, I used to get them done way back in high school ,then when I got engaged, I felt I needed my nails needed to be pretty since everyone was gonna look at my hands, same thing after the wedding....I've just left them on since, but debating on taking them off though. I get my hair cut, no lie, maybe once a year, if that....I just can care less LOL. My 'spa' days of getting a message was when I worked at a private college that offered massage therapy. Once they finished the school aspect, they had to do 40 hours of massage in the school, in a room set up like a spa. Of course, employees got free massages and I LOVED going in on my hour lunch for a full body massage...going back to work on cloud nine.....oh the good old days :)

spaghetti0625 said...

Precious: I'm assuming it does work since we do get hot water, just not as much. It seems we can't run it too long on the faucet in the tub. I did take a hot shower last night (I like them HOT!) and it was fine...who knows. I do want my dad to check it out, or maybe it needs to be turned up a notch? Can you turn it up a notch? LOL