Monday, April 27, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Days 10, 11 and 12

Since I normally do not get to go online much on Friday nights and the weekend, I will post today my savings over the weekend:

--Lounged around Friday after work and kept all the lights off and watched TV. I also did 2 exercises as I did not do my workout for Thursday.

--DH and I went to the mall after he got off from work to get some golfing outfits. We plan to do quite a bit of golfing this summer and you need the proper attire. Like polos and nice pants (capris). I had 3 pants and 2 shirts in my hand. I put back one pair of pants while we were in line. When I got home, I tried on the one pair of pants/capris, they did not fit. Were WAY too tight. It's weird, I've been shopping at Aeropostale for years, never had to try on clothes, until now. I've always been a 0 or 0short or xsmall in shirts. Not anymore! I have to do the 1/2 short of the small or even medium in some shirts. Makes me feel like I'm getting fat! But the funny part is, I still have 0 shorts and pants from a few years back, they fit FINE! Even my Xsmall baby tees, still fit perfectly! They must be making their clothes a lot smaller nowadays.....DH was like 'Hun, you can't get the zeros or the xsmall anymore' He holds up the xsmall polo and he's like 'Look, my 10 year old niece can fit into this!' UGH. A man needs to know he NEVER tells his wife she can't fit into a smaller we had a brief argument over that. All in all, he got 2 shirts and 1 pant, he's keeping them. I got 2 shirts and 2 pants, but I'm returning 1 pant and 1 shirt, so that'll be good I guess. I'll still to my one polo....I don't care...I'll go once, maybe twice a week...I can wash in between.

--We decided to save $$ and not go out to eat (like normal on the weekends), so we went home, cleaned and made some pretzelfills for dinner. I've got a TON of them, so at least we made room in the freezer now for MORE stuff! haha!

--We rented a movie for free from the redbox, Don't Mess with the Zohan. It wasn't funny at all, I passed out after maybe 20 minutes. Woke up an hour later and it was STILL on! DH didn't nap and he said it wasn't that funny either...all well.

--Went to the pharmacy to pick up my no baby pills on our way to the golf course. Paid $2.50 OOP under DH's medical plan.

--DH wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts on the way, especially since we gave it up for Lent, we had coffee twice after Lent, on Easter Sunday and then for our .50 Iced coffees last week. I told him wait til after so I can get some. The last thing I'd need is a cup of joe in me then out on the golf course, which normally don't have bathroom, only at the clubhouse. Shockingly, this one had porta potties after every 3rd hole.....figures.

--DH and I both got the county membership card, good at all county golf courses. It's $35 for the card, but each time you play, you save about $10 a pop off the price. Normally, it was $36 for us to play, but with the card, it's $27, so it will pay for itself after 4 visits. We also got the cart, which was $26.17. Okay, so I got a little worried about that. We always take the cart (okay so we went two times). But I hear it's a workout to walk. So I was thinking next time we walk it. DH said 'NO WAY will you be able to do that! You're too lazy' He's right. I couldn't even finish the 18 holes, and that's w/ the cart! haha. i do want to try it one time. It will take longer and back up the players behind us, but at least I'll feel good about myself!

--I had put a roast in the crockpot and had our friend who golfed with us over for dinner. He loved did DH....DH had three helpings, my friend did 2. They were both hungry boys after dinner!

--I wanted to do Rita's after dinner, but we ended up passing out watching TV on the couch from the long day out in the sun. We had the lights out until it got dark, then turned on only one light.

--We made breakfast yesterday, waffles and cereal and coffee. It was a nice Sunday morning, one in which we hadn't had in awhile. I love waking up, cuddling with DH watching 90210, then getting up, having a nice breakfast and reading the was nice. No spending $$ at DD or the diner, as we sometimes do.

--I went to a bridal shower yesterday, and totally forgot about the wishing well gift. I went scouring through the house and found some things I got in my wishing well that I never used. I found lube, massage oil, edible undies, then I found a thing of strip poker. I picked that. She'd know who it was from at least! When she picked it out of the wishing well, she blushed and loved it! I went up to her and I was like 'Guess who it's from!' It was great!

--I won at the shower some planting seeds for flowers. I've been wanting to get some things to plan outside the condo, the one lady by us plans like a fiend, and it's soooo now I got stuff to plant!

--DH and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond for those hanger things that save space. We got one and used a 20% of Q. Silly me left my gift cards home. I love that store though....I love just going down the aisles and wishing I had a house, not a condo so I can spruce up the house with all that fab stuff!

--DH wanted to go to dinner since he was stuck inside all day cleaning while I was at the shower. But I was tired and I figured we didn't have any alone time, so we decided to go home and heat up a pizza.

--After dinner, we decided to treat ourselves to Rita's, and we have that cool card so after so many purchases, we get one free. On the way, big fire in town and EVERYONE in town was there to was CRAZY!

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