Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rolling on Lunch (CVS and RA) 1/13/11

Okay so I know I was holding a grudge against CVS earlier this week, but we made up today :)

Trans 1 CVS:
6 Finish (3 each on sale, normally 6.89 each) = $18 used 6 2.25 Qs = $4.50
1 Jet Dry Finish Agent (3 on sale, normally 6.89 each) = $3
2 M & M's (.89) = .89

Total: $8.39+1.53 tax = 9.92. Used $7 ECBs
OOP 2.92 and got back $10 in ECBs for the Finish deal and .89 for the M & M's.
Total Profit = $7.97!
Total Savings = $47.73

Trans 2 RA:
2 Tylenol Precise Heat Patch (5 each on sale, normally 7.99) = 10 and used a $5/2 coupon = 5.00
2 King Size Twix (BOGO) 1.59

Total: 6.59 and used a $5 UPs
OOP: 1.59 and got back $6 UPs ($3 for each Patch).
Total Profit: 4.41

Trans 2 RA:
2 Tylenol Precise Heat Patch (5 each on sale, normally 7.99) = 10 and used a $5/2 coupon = 5.00
2 Marshmellows ($1 each, normally 1.69) = 2.00

Total: 7 + .14 tax = 7.14 and used my $6 UPs from Trans 1
OOP: 1.14 and got back $7 UPs ($6 from the Patch and $1 from the Marshmellows)
Total Profit: 5.86

Trans 3 RA:
4 Tylenol Precise Heat Patch (5 each on sale, normally 7.99) = 20 and used 2 $5/2 coupon = 10

Total: 10.00 and used my $7 UPs from Trans 2
OOP: 3.00 and got back $12 in UPs
Total Profit: 9.00

Snow Day Shopping 1/12/11

Well, the storm we had was a bit of a flop, but they closed my work anyways :) So I took advanatage and went shopping!

2 Special K Cereal - 2 for $5. Used a $1 off 2 Q and $3 RR OOP was $1 and I got back $2 in RR!

Shop Rite:
Egglands Best Eggs: 1.77 used $.50 doubled to $1 OOP $.77 each
Toothpaste: Aquafresh was $1.99 on sale, used .75 (1.50) qs was .49 each. Sensodyne was 4.49 used .75 (1.50) OOP was 2.99. Spent $15 on them so I got a $5 CAT.
Betty Crocker Potatoe Pouches: .77 and used $1/2 Qs, .27 each
Chi Chi's Tortillas 3 for $5 and used a $1/2 Q 1.17 each
Wanchai Ferry: 5.99-1.50Q OOP 4.49
Flipz: $1 each
Yakisoba: .99 - .50(1.00) q equals FREE!
Bananas: .49/lb
Chef Boyardee: .88 - $1/5q OOP .68 each
PB Brownies: 1.00-$1/2 q OOP .50 each
French's Mustard: .69 - .50 (1q) OOP FREE!

Feel free to ask questions or leave comments!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 Papa Johns!

There was some speculation about getting 2 large pizzas for $11.11 at Papa John's today. There was even a code floating around. (I tried and it didn't work). So I tried my own code online and it worked!

For the Central NJ area, when you go to order online, type in '11111' as the promo code, and you can get 2 Medium Pies with 2 toppings each for $13.98 (normally $16.99). So it's a $3 savings!

We've only had Papa John's once, in Maryland, about 6 years ago, but we may order it tonight and have one tonight and the other for snacking tomorrow, since we will most likely be snowed in!


So after my ordeal at CVS, I decided I was going to treat myself to a nice lunch. I figured my best bet was Wendy's, as they have my Crispy Chicken Meal for $2.99. You can't beat that. A chicken sandwhich, fries and a soda for $2.99. So I go to the one by work and I see the key chain thing, where you donate $1 and you get the keychain (they didn't have anymore cool Wendy's frosty ones, so I settled for the regular one) a free frosty for every visit until the end of June! The girl's like 'Would you like one?" To which I replied "YES!' It goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption I believe, and I'm all about good causes!

She then handed me my keychain and asked if I would like my first FREE frost, to which I was like 'HECK YES!' The manager (I believe) was doing my order and he was very nice...they all there at this Wendy's which is why I love going there.

So next time you're in Wendy's, inquire about the Frost Keychain and help a great cause!

CVS, urgh!

So there's a great deal on the Finish Electrasol at CVS. They are on sale for $3 and when you spend $20, you get $10 ECBs Back. Here's the deal:

Buy 7 ($21) and use 7 $2.25 off Qs making it 5.25 for all 7, and you get back $10 ECBs, making it a $4.75 profit!

But good luck finding them :( I went this morning, nothing. There are two spots on the shelves for these things and they were bare. They are big to begin with so even if they had them in stock, you would deplete the shelf if you got 7, which I will NEVER EVER do. I even called, and the guy said the truck just came in and would be on the shelves in the afternoon. I asked if by around noonish they would be out, he wasn't sure. I asked if he could put 7 to the side for me and I could pick them up at noon, and he's like 'Well, I don't know if they would be shelved by then' Nevermind.

I went on lunch and they stocked the REST of the stuff, still bare on the Finish. I went to another CVS by work. And this one's BIGGER and BETTER! And nothing...hmph. Still a bigger store, and only 2 spots for these big boxes? I just don't get it! They advertise these HUGE sales and don't have enough in stock!

I wonder if I can do the raincheck for this as people did with the Wisk last week and still get the ECB?

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Resolutions


Do at least 30 minutes of Wii (exercise-Jillian Michaels 2010, The Biggest Loser Challenge, Just Dance, etc) daily. Try to incorporate some other DVDs (Jillian Michaels Cardio, Denise Austin, Carmen Electra, etc) and running

Read 5 books (Debt Free for Life up first)

Complete taxes and submit NLT 15 Feb

Get on a plane and stay on it until it lands!

Keep grocery savings at or above 50% each month

Start keeping track of money (, Yodlee or Quicken). Limit going out to breakfast to 4 times a month.

Continue to save every penny for downpayment fund. Long term goal is to have 20% saved to put down, however, since we are comfortable now in the condo and if we can really scrimp and save, we would like to save 100% down for a house like Money Saving Mom. She did it in 7 years so it IS doable!

Try to limit the junk food coming into the house. Stock up on fruits and veggies and cut back on processed foods.

Organize recipes into binders and try to get out weekly meal plans.

Find new job.

Clean and organize the house with 52 Weeks of Organizing from I'm an Organizing Junkie .

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Expiring and Rolling on 1/6/11 at CVS

Here's my 2 hauls today, one on my card, one on DH's card:

I didn't get my coupons yet for this week, so I went with NO coupons, only with 2 $10 expires today, the other tomorrow. So I went in with the mindset to definatly do the Revlon deal (buy any 2, get $7 ECBs back). That stuff's expensive! Mascara for $10, eyeliner for $8 (for a PENCIL!). I found some nail polish for about $5.39 so I figured I'd get two, but wait, what's that? Blackened brown Revlon mascara with a sticker for 75% off? Hmmmmm, there's two left, I grab them, go to the price checker, they are $2.49 each! Times 2 is $4.98 and I'd get back $7 ECBs! So I grab them, then off to get the light bulbs. They are $3.99 and you get a $2 ECB. That comes to about $9...I needed another $1 worth of stuff, so I got my M & M's as a filler and off I go. Only, when the transaction was done, I didn't get the $7 ECBs for the Revlon. The ad says any two and there's no mention of it excluding markdowns...hmph. But I got back to work and called Customer Service and the guy was super nice and he loaded the $7 ECBs into my card and said within 48 hours it should be there, all I have to do is go to the price checker machine, scan my card and out it will come :) So here's the details:
2 Revlon Mascaras Originally 10.49-8.00 for the sale = 2.49 each = 4.98
Lightbulbs 5.99-2 on sale = 3.99
M & M's 2 for $1

Total came to 10.67-9.97ECB I had (she made it 9.97 as it cannot pay for tax) so Out of Pocket (OOP) I paid .70 and will get back $7 ECB and $2 ECB equals a profit of $8.30

This one I just did real quick. I needed mascara so I got this one with the free liner and the nail polish:

1 Mascara = 9.39
1 Nail Polish = 5.89

Total is $15.28 plus 1.07 tax = 16.35-10 ECBs = 6.35 OOP and got back 7 ECB for a profit of .65!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Shop Rite 1/4/11

Thanks to Frugalsuz' post, I found out about this deal!

Here's what I got:

32 cans of Chef Michaels - shelf sale price .90 with price plus .40 each
1 20lb bag of Tidy Cat's Litter - shelf sale price was 4.39 price plus was 3.75

Paid $18.24 and got back $30 in Catalina coupons! That's an $11.76 profit!

I know you are all saying, but you don't have a dog! Which is correct, so I will be donating the dog food to the Sayreville Pet Adoption Center :)

Blog to go Really Public?

Well, I think it's that time to make this blog really public, which means giving out the address to my facebook friends. A lot of them have been asking to post my deals since I've been putting up pics of my 'hauls' I have to go through it and make sure there's nothing on here talking about people that I know first :)

I'd also like to make it spiffy, and I read online about Google AdSense, etc. to earn some additional income. I know in the beginning the money is pennies, but a penny saved is a penny earned! So any advice? I may even revamp the entire thing, new layout, new name, etc.

I'd still like to keep it dealing with grocery hounding and poker, but I think a new name is in order or something. Maybe a more catchy layout or something as well.

What do you all think?