Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I Write My Blog

Some people have asked why I write a blog, and why on two different topics. I enjoy both, that's why. I love hounding for great deals at the grocery stores and drug's such a rush to see if I can 'outdo' myself. It's a great challenge for myself.

As for poker. I don't write about poker for people to comment that I have a gambling problem, I don't. You want to talk to someone with a gambling problem, I have someone you can talk to. I would never take money that I pay my bills with and put down on the table. I would NEVER do that. DH and I have a separate account just for this which is fully funded. We use that money and never touch our other money (savings, bills, checking accts, etc.)

I just don't want all the comments about how I have a gambling problem because I don't. I don't go down hoping to win a ton of money and dump good money after bad money. If i lose, I don't have the sense of 'I have to get it back, I know I can win it back.' That's someone with a gambling problem. I have friends with gambling problems and DH and i would never let us get like that. We watch each other's back. If one of us is doing back and goes 'off' track, the other is there to them that person out of the situation. We make a great team. Eventually one day I'd like to go pro at this and make a job/career out of it, so no, it's not a gambling problem. You can think what you like about it, I really don't care. But I'll reject any and all comments that say I have a gambling problem, b/c I don't. I don't go for the thrill of the chance to win big. Playing poker, you hardly win big, at least the limits I play. I go to have fun and view it as a job.

So thanks for all the comments, but don't waste your time if you have nothing good to say. I use this as my outlet for any other female poker players that want to get more info on the game or maybe want to be pro one day as well. I use this as a positive outlet for my game, not a negative one.

Trip Report Weekend of 4/17-4/19

Okay, I know I am totally late on my trip report from last weekend, but here it is....better late then never!

I had almost THE worst week ever the previous week and was looking forward to having a relaxing time in AC. Some family issues, etc, whatever. I wanted to leave it all behind and have a good time.

Friday, I left work early at 2pm to play the satellite at Borgata. $220 plus $30. One in every 5 would win a voucher to play in the $1000 buy in event (Super Survivor) on Sunday (April 19). Only 109 people bought into the satellite, so I figured that it wouldn't be a long tourney, which is good. My table was quite aggressive and I didn't get involved in many hands early on, which was good b/c I got some great reads on a bunch of people. One guy was 'luck box.' He'd call a pre flop raise out of position with king nine off.....catch a 9 to an over pair of jacks and call the entire way and hit another nine on the river. Yikes. I won a few hands when I had decent cards, so that was good. Got in with a good hand in a good position. Flopped nut flush draw and a small pair. Okay, nice. Bet, call, call....okay I call. Nothing for me on the turn. Bet, call, raise, I fold. Wouldn't have it anyways. I made it to quite a few rounds. When I busted out, I believe there was only like 4 or 5 tables left. I was severly short stacked from just the blinds and antes. Guy under the gun raises it. He was in almost every hand. I had king queen off. Oh well, my chips go in. He made it $2400, and with my raise, he had to call about $5700 or $5800 more. He calls, he' s like 'I got jacks' and I'm like 'I got two overs' He's like 'I kinda figured' Dream flop for me....king queen 8. I am basically doing the happy dance inside. Ace on the turn. Okay, so he's got four more outs (10 or jack will have me beat). Guess what comes on the river....10. Runner runner straight. yay me!

My friends had gotten there, so I walked over by them. I didn't want to play cash b/c Hubby Mike was on his way down and we were going to meet up with a few friends for dinner, and I like to have long sessions at cash. So I went to Let it Ride 3 card bonus...what a fun game! Didn't do too well in the beginning, but hit 3 of a kind, then straights and flushes with my 3 card hand, so I ended up cashing out with like $600 and I put in two to start. So I made back my buy in plus.

We did dinner, then hit the B Bar then went back to the hotel, so didn't do too much gambling that night.

Saturday, woke up and had breakfast then watched Arachnaphobia at the hotel with Hubby Mike. Hubby Mike went to play golf, so I went to the Borgata to play cards for the day (YIPPEE!). I wanted to play 2/5 NL but when I walked in, a brand new 1/2NL table opened. I'm a sucker for a new table, no matter the limit. I don't know what it is, but I love it. Maybe it's because everyone is new and basically start off with the same amount (if they all buy in for the max). You can also get real reads on people and not have to listen to ppl saying as you sit down "look out for seat 5, very aggressive" meanwhile, they are very tight players. I held my own for awhile, then took some bad hits. One guy bluffed me big time. I had pocket kings, raised and seat 4 called. He was first to act after the flop of ace rag rag. He checks, I bet, he calls. Then he went all in on the turn....okay Mr. Ace I fold. He shows the bluff......that made my blood boil! HA! He got what was coming to him b/c the guy in seat 3 took him for some big pots, Seat 3 got really lucky and caught some good flops and turns. I was down at one point to like $75 or $80 and was getting frustrated. I got king ten of spades, and I raised to 15, 4 callers. Oh brother. two spades on the flop, one being the ace of spades, so I'm drawing for the nut flush. I push all in, the all call me. My friend came over at that point and wanted a peek. Told her I was on a draw. Nice of spades on the turn. She's like 'I hop you caught that' and i'm like' Oh yea!' Nothing on the river, they all flip up like an ace or king high. So I triple up! YEE HAW! No other real notable hands, but at one point a friend of mine came to the table while I was eating downstairs, and I came back to the table and there was all new ppl except for two ppl at my table. he switched to the seat next to me when that guy left. So the entire time we are talking about our mutual friends, jobs, etc. Not really focusing on the table unless we're in a hand or something. My one friend just lost about $1500 in the matter of 5 hands. Here's her starting hands: pocket aces, pocket queens, ace king, jacks, aces again. She lost all of them in a row. People were calling her $30 pre flop raises (2/5nl) with like 5 7 off and hitting trips or straights, etc. So she was fuming. My other friend was in a sit and go with a $500 buy in and it was down to 4 people. And my other friend lost quite a bit at a 1/2 nl table, so my friend and I at the table were talking about that. Just wanted to give a brief history. So here we are chatting away, not loud or anything b/c we're next to each other. also, keep in mind, he almost got into a fist fight the night before when some guy lipped off at him. SO, back to the story. We're a talking about our friends and how hungry we are (eventhough I ate like 2 hours prior) and that we're going to the Amphora lounge when our friend is down w/ the sit and go and when Hubby Mike gets back. There's quite a hand going on. we kept pausing to watch some action, me basically just watching all the redbirds going into the pot, but I couldn't even tell you what cards are on the board. So, the hand is over and the one guy is getting the chips shipped to him and my friend goes, "man, why do I smell garlic?" and I'm like 'Duh, Wolfgang Pucks!' (cuz it's right next to us), Then I hear the winner of the hand say to the dealer "Hey, I thought you're not allowed to talk about a hand when it's in play?" Now I'm thinking that someone on the other side of the table (he's seat 1, I'm 10) was talking about the hand. And the dealer's like 'Yea, you can't talk about the hand while it's play' Then he starts going off about how someone was talking during the hand and they should get a warning and have to leave the I'm like 'nice, someone's gonna get in trouble' to my friend...and he's giving the guy a look and my friend says to seat one 'Dude, she said Wolfgang Pucks' Wait a did this guy just think I was talking about the hand? I flip out....and I mean FLIP out. this guy is about 250 pounds, me I'm like 95 pounds. He starts telling me to shut up (bad move dude). and I just start going off. Then he's like'You don't know what you're talking about, sit down' So now i'm like 'Oh man, was that guy talking about somoene else and my friend thought it was us he was talking about? I'm about to apologize and the new guy in seat 4 is words to me 'No, it was you he was talking about.' Okay, not for nothing, I'm there to play cards. I know the freaking rules, I'm there ALL the time...give me a break. AND, even if I was talking about the hand when i said 'Wolfgang Pucks' the hand was already over and the chips were being shipped to him...HELLO...I can then talk about whatever I want to! So his friend comes over and is talking more smack....oh I've had it. I tell Keith that if I don't walk away I'll end up hitting the guy' So I go tell my friend who just lost $1500 and she's like 'point him out, I'd like to get into a fight' LOL too funny. When I come back, he's STILL talking about it, so I go off one more time. I think by this time he realizes that even IF i was talking about the hand, it didn't matter, it was OVER....and don't TELL me what I said jerk!!!!!! Granted, I flew off the cuff quickly, but jerks like that get on my nerve! He even told the guy next to him (who told me this after he left) that he thought he could 'take advantage' of me and try to get me in trouble...WRONG BUCKO! He left after that. Jerk.

I played for about a half hour more, then we left to go to dinner, which was much needed. We ended up going to 1/2NL after dinner in the back room. Nothing happened here. I was basically falling asleep at the table, no action, no good hands, nothing. The BBJ hit after like 2 hours and I figured I woudln't stay much longer. Ended up cashing out up 7 bucks...woo hoo.

Sunday we didn't want to stay too long, good thing too. got seated at a nasty table by the cashier's window. Hubby Mike lost a hand after runner runner spade, so 5 spades on the board and he had ace king of diamonds. The other guys had two low rags and we could tell these guys liked action. I get jack queen in the big blind and Hubby Mike raised. 4 people called and I was priced in. I flop an open ended straight draw, I check. Hubby bets out and 2 people calll him. Hmmmmmm, I raise. They all call. I hit my straight on the turn and bet out 100. They all call. Board pairs on the river, I push all in, they both call. Two full houses....are you kidding me? Wow. So I'm like 'let's go' so we cash out. Some guy starts mouthing off to me, I take a deep breath and walk away. I knew it was going to be ugly and I don't like causing a scene. Esp. if I know we're leaving, I don't like to leave with a bad taste in my mouth. so we go to let it ride, I dump a hunge, but I feel better and we leave.

No trips planned until memorial day weekend, and I think the break is needed to calm myself. What do you all think? lol

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Days 10, 11 and 12

Since I normally do not get to go online much on Friday nights and the weekend, I will post today my savings over the weekend:

--Lounged around Friday after work and kept all the lights off and watched TV. I also did 2 exercises as I did not do my workout for Thursday.

--DH and I went to the mall after he got off from work to get some golfing outfits. We plan to do quite a bit of golfing this summer and you need the proper attire. Like polos and nice pants (capris). I had 3 pants and 2 shirts in my hand. I put back one pair of pants while we were in line. When I got home, I tried on the one pair of pants/capris, they did not fit. Were WAY too tight. It's weird, I've been shopping at Aeropostale for years, never had to try on clothes, until now. I've always been a 0 or 0short or xsmall in shirts. Not anymore! I have to do the 1/2 short of the small or even medium in some shirts. Makes me feel like I'm getting fat! But the funny part is, I still have 0 shorts and pants from a few years back, they fit FINE! Even my Xsmall baby tees, still fit perfectly! They must be making their clothes a lot smaller nowadays.....DH was like 'Hun, you can't get the zeros or the xsmall anymore' He holds up the xsmall polo and he's like 'Look, my 10 year old niece can fit into this!' UGH. A man needs to know he NEVER tells his wife she can't fit into a smaller we had a brief argument over that. All in all, he got 2 shirts and 1 pant, he's keeping them. I got 2 shirts and 2 pants, but I'm returning 1 pant and 1 shirt, so that'll be good I guess. I'll still to my one polo....I don't care...I'll go once, maybe twice a week...I can wash in between.

--We decided to save $$ and not go out to eat (like normal on the weekends), so we went home, cleaned and made some pretzelfills for dinner. I've got a TON of them, so at least we made room in the freezer now for MORE stuff! haha!

--We rented a movie for free from the redbox, Don't Mess with the Zohan. It wasn't funny at all, I passed out after maybe 20 minutes. Woke up an hour later and it was STILL on! DH didn't nap and he said it wasn't that funny either...all well.

--Went to the pharmacy to pick up my no baby pills on our way to the golf course. Paid $2.50 OOP under DH's medical plan.

--DH wanted to go to Dunkin Donuts on the way, especially since we gave it up for Lent, we had coffee twice after Lent, on Easter Sunday and then for our .50 Iced coffees last week. I told him wait til after so I can get some. The last thing I'd need is a cup of joe in me then out on the golf course, which normally don't have bathroom, only at the clubhouse. Shockingly, this one had porta potties after every 3rd hole.....figures.

--DH and I both got the county membership card, good at all county golf courses. It's $35 for the card, but each time you play, you save about $10 a pop off the price. Normally, it was $36 for us to play, but with the card, it's $27, so it will pay for itself after 4 visits. We also got the cart, which was $26.17. Okay, so I got a little worried about that. We always take the cart (okay so we went two times). But I hear it's a workout to walk. So I was thinking next time we walk it. DH said 'NO WAY will you be able to do that! You're too lazy' He's right. I couldn't even finish the 18 holes, and that's w/ the cart! haha. i do want to try it one time. It will take longer and back up the players behind us, but at least I'll feel good about myself!

--I had put a roast in the crockpot and had our friend who golfed with us over for dinner. He loved did DH....DH had three helpings, my friend did 2. They were both hungry boys after dinner!

--I wanted to do Rita's after dinner, but we ended up passing out watching TV on the couch from the long day out in the sun. We had the lights out until it got dark, then turned on only one light.

--We made breakfast yesterday, waffles and cereal and coffee. It was a nice Sunday morning, one in which we hadn't had in awhile. I love waking up, cuddling with DH watching 90210, then getting up, having a nice breakfast and reading the was nice. No spending $$ at DD or the diner, as we sometimes do.

--I went to a bridal shower yesterday, and totally forgot about the wishing well gift. I went scouring through the house and found some things I got in my wishing well that I never used. I found lube, massage oil, edible undies, then I found a thing of strip poker. I picked that. She'd know who it was from at least! When she picked it out of the wishing well, she blushed and loved it! I went up to her and I was like 'Guess who it's from!' It was great!

--I won at the shower some planting seeds for flowers. I've been wanting to get some things to plan outside the condo, the one lady by us plans like a fiend, and it's soooo now I got stuff to plant!

--DH and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond for those hanger things that save space. We got one and used a 20% of Q. Silly me left my gift cards home. I love that store though....I love just going down the aisles and wishing I had a house, not a condo so I can spruce up the house with all that fab stuff!

--DH wanted to go to dinner since he was stuck inside all day cleaning while I was at the shower. But I was tired and I figured we didn't have any alone time, so we decided to go home and heat up a pizza.

--After dinner, we decided to treat ourselves to Rita's, and we have that cool card so after so many purchases, we get one free. On the way, big fire in town and EVERYONE in town was there to was CRAZY!

Dole Giveaway!

$5 Dinners is doing a great Dole giveaway! Hop on over to the site and enter yourself! In case you were wondering, she is the one that was on the Rachel Ray show last week! She is just amazing!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Days 8 and 9

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday about Wednesday's savings, so I figured I would lump the two together.


--Went hounding after work! YEE HAW! I saved about $51 bucks for a total savings of the order of 44%. Not what I wanted, but I had to get meat and lunch meat for DH. The meat goes on sale, but it's not reflected on the receipt. Darn them! Got some free stuff and will be going again tonight to roll my CATs!

--Bought a chicken at Shop Rite (cooked) and had for dinner, so I did not use the stove. It was also $1 off on sale.

--Kept the lights off as much as possible.

--Been hopping right in the shower instead of letting the room warm up, saving warm water.

--Did 2 loads of laundry in cold water and hung to dry. DH is still getting used to this.


--Went hounding on lunch! Went to the card store for a card for a woman here who is a new grandma today! Didn't use my own money, but got the card for $1.04

--Went to A & P as well. Got 12 Gatorades, 64oz of Ocean Spray Cran/Pomegranete, and a thing of Silk SoyMilk Light on sale and with Q. Total OOP was $13.06.

--Came home and opened all windows and blinds, no lights until DH came home (dusk).

--Did 2 more loads of laundry in cold water and hung to dry.

--Made 'Famous Pork Chops', baked potatoes and brownies, all at the same time to save on energy/gas. Brownies came out great and DH raved about my pork chops! YIPPEE! The baked potatoes cooked for over an hour, a little hard, but not too bad.

--Watched TV while DH bowled, got to veg out and get organized.

How did YOU save money today?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Day 7

As for my stockpile, I actually got a few things at CVS!
3 Kleenex - .99 each, used .50 Q, came to .83 each
2 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste - 2.88 each with card, used 2 $1Qs = 1.88
Used $3 ECB and paid 3.42 OOP and earned $4 ECBs!

As for saving money yesterday (in addition to my CVS trip):

--DH and I went to get the DVR box, and while we were out, I dropped off my RedBox movie.

--Watched TV after work with the blinds open and no lights on.

--DH and I had planned to go to Friday's for dinner b/c I had a BOGO Q, but putting together that DVR box to all the stuff we have took him about 2 hours, so he finished after 10pm. So he had some cereal for dinner. I had cereal earlier in the evening so I did not need to have dinner.

--Worked out day 3 of my Denise Austin tape, so no gym membership required.

Didn't do too much else yesterday. Hopefully today when I go to Shop Rite I can save some $$!!

How did YOU save money today?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Day 6

Yesterday was back to work day....BOO! It was also a Monday and it rained all day....double BOO! However, this weekend is looking fabulous weather wise, so I'll take rain when I'm stuck indoors all day, and warm and sunshine when I'm off and able to enjoy it! Here's how I saved money yesterday:

--I went to two stores, one to get a DVR box (but I couldn't get it b/c I didn't have the old one, and I wasn't going to pay the extra $5 to have both, only to return the old one today) and Shop-rite. It's in the same little strip mall and it was raining hard when I got there (figures). I parked between the two stores and walked in the rain, instead of moving closer to one, so I saved some gas and got some exercise.

--At Shop-Rite, I got apples that were on sale for .99/lb, some bananas that were .79/lb, rolls for Mike for lunch, lettuce on sale for .99 each.

--I had the code for the RedBox thing, so I got 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' for FREE!

--We did a dinner and a movie date at home. We had some Freshetta pizza that I got on sale a few weeks ago and ate it in front of the TV with only 1 light on.

--I worked out to a DVD at home, saving money by not having a gym membership.

--When I took a shower last night, I turned the water on and hopped right in. Normally I will let it run for a few minutes to get the bathroom nice and toasty before I strip down, but I need to stop doing that, so I started last night.

--DH and I took a shower together to save on water.

How did YOU save money today? Any other tips you have about saving money, please share!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Days 3, 4 and 5

This weekend, DH and I took a little mini weekend vacation, it was much needed after last week. Usually when we do our little vacations, we don't 'aim' to save money as the money we take is a separate fund, but this weekend I tried my best to do it a bit more frugual.

--I did NOT buy the WaWa icee like I wanted to on my way down. I figured that once I got to the casino, the drinks are free anyways (just have to tip the waitress) so I'd get a drink once I got there.

--I played a tourney and busted out...darn! And DH hadn't gotten there yet, so I played Let it Ride and won about $400 and then I cashed that was in the plus column!

--DH took the bus down to save on gas and to have only one vehicle down there.

--We went for drinks at a bar at the Big B and they were like $8. I normally don't drink, but if I did, that would sway me NOT to drink! However, my good friend was down there and he bought my beer, so I enjoyed the free beer!

--Ate breakfast for free at the hotel b/c it came with a free continental breakfast. Had my coffee at the casino b/c it's free and it's really good at the Big B.

--Went to dinner with my two friends to the high roller lounge (I'm not one, but they got me in). Had some chicken and salad and filet mignon and some other steak and all I did was pay the $7 tip. Yummy!

--When DH and his uncle got back from golf, they went to the high roller lounge for dinner. My two other friends wanted to eat too, so we all went down (I didn't have to pay as I was down there already and the one girl remembered me and is good friends with my friends, so she hooked me up). I had some prime rib, a hot dog and numerous desserts for FREE!

--DH and I played some poker after dinner, he drank (free..just had to pay tip) and I had a diet coke (just had to tip) and I won some money, so that was good.

--My friend tipped me money to get him breakfast b/c he was playing in a tournament. So for my walk to the place I got paid $5 :)

--DH and I didn't stay too long at the Big B after breakfast as we did not want to come home late. We got gas on the way home and paid cash, so we paid less because of that.

Not much else happened all was more relaxing then anything, and it was much needed. Today I'm off to a good start...didn't spend any money yet :) Tomorrow is $.50 iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts and it goes to a great cause! If you like Dunkin Donuts, 4 Hats and Frugal is having a giveaway for a free gift card to one lucky winner who helps support our troops.

How did YOU save money today?

To Buy a Freezer, or To Not Buy a Freezer?

This week, DH and I will be talking about whether or not to buy a freezer to keep in our spare room so that way I can really stockpile frozen foods and meats. Right now, we have everything in it's perfect place in the freezer, however, nothing new can go in as there is no room left.

So, what do all of you think I should do? Buy one, or not buy one? Pros and cons?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge Day 2

This will be my last post until I come back from vacation Sunday night/Monday morning. I know I won't be 'saving' money on vacation, but where it's called for, I will try my hardest to save money. Right now, I'm debating on stopping at WaWa on my way down for an ICEE. I love them! And at WaWa, you can get the big one for like a buck and change. Anywhere else, it's a ton more money AND it's a smaller cup. And the weather is SOOOO nice today! I can't wait to leave work....2 hour countdown is on!

I did not get to go to Shop-Rite like I wanted, so I didn't get to stockpile, AGAIN.

Here's how I saved money yesterday:

--Instead of going to the golf store outing for women yesterday, I went to see my cousin at her softball game in town. I knew if I went, I'd probably be suckered into spending $$ because 3% of it goes to charity. Big woop. I can donate more and 100% goes to charity. If I desperately need a golf towel (which I do) I'm sure I can use a .25 cent one from the dollar store or something.

--Since DH goes to bowling on Thursdays and I was going to go to the golf place, I didn't take anything out for dinner. Then when I didn't go, we had to figure out what to eat. I was so hungry because I skipped lunch b/c I was busy at work, so we went to the diner. I always opt for the less priced items, so I got a foot long hot dog with fries for like $3.50. The sandwhiches and wraps all cost over $8.

--DH didn't go to bowling last night because he was not feeling well after dinner. So he helped me pack and I downloaded a few songs to my IPOD. And the price went up to $1.29 UGH! Oh well. I bought 4 or 5.

--Since we both needed to shower last night and we had the hot water debacle the previous night, we decided to take a shower together to conserve water. Get your minds out of the gutter, no hanky panky in the shower (hello, we're saving water....get in, get yourself cleaned and get out!)

--I followed DH around the house because he is NOTORIOUS for leaving lights on when he leaves the room. I believe I get a full days' worth of exercise doing this.

--When I filled up my gas tank, I paid in cash, so it's cheaper per gallon then using a credit card.

--Eating out means no dishes which equals no extra running water!

Hopefully I will be able to save some money this weekend while on vacation!
How did you save money today?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Money Saving and Stockpiling Challenge

For the Stockpiling Challenge, I was not able to hit the stores to do any hounding, so no update on that. HOWEVER, there is the sale at Shop Rite on Colgate, buy any 3, get a $3 Catalina! So if I go and get 3 at a time, using my Q's (I have to check what I have left) this can be a real moneymaker if you rinse and repeat a few times. I will try to do some of this tonight. I am going to a Women's Night at the golf store by my house. I'm sure they want you to buy stuff, but I'm going to try to win some prizes! First 72 women get a free gift, so I'm going to go real early. I also need a golf towel, which are cheap, so I'll just get one of those and I'll check to see what's on sale and what I have Q's for, so I won't spend much. There are 2 Shop-rites on my way, so I can easily rinse and repeat!

As for saving money (or not saving)
--I got my nails done (not saving money) but I needed to get them done. I am thinking that maybe instead of going for a fill-in, I'll just have her do a manicure or just take the tips off (which are my real nails, so just take off the layer that's not mine) and then I'll just paint them myself for the summer. I'm not 100% on this one as getting my nails done is the only 'girly' thing I really do.

--My hair was like 5 different colors. I was due for a root touch up from my hair-dresser months ago, but she hasn't come back to do it. I tried contacting her many times, and she'd make an appt and not show. Oh well. I got a $4 box of Nice and Easy and DH put it in last night. Now my hair is all one color again! Normally, with the roots and a cut, it's about $100, and I paid $4 for the color, so that's a great savings!

--I washed a load of clothes in cold water and hung them to dry :) No dryer necessary!

--For some reason, our hot water stinks in our house. After I did my hair, I had to rinse in warm water, so I did that in the tub. I had my head under the faucet thing for tops 5 minutes. I then watched the end of American Idol, then went to take a shower, there was like NO hot water! Ugh. So I had to do a sponge bath kind of thing. I'm not sure why there was no hot water, not even in the kitchen! This has happened in the past, DH and I took a shower at the same time (2 different showers) and we BOTH had cold water after 4 minutes. I'm not sure if the hot water heater has to be turned up higher or not, but if anyone knows why, let me know!

--I had leftovers for dinner so I did not spend money to buy food, nor did I waste energy heating food up or cooking on the stove.

--I bought my own lunch to work (I normally do). The past few weeks, we've had lunches and parties to attend, so I was buying out a lot, but this week, I've been eating PB & J sandwhiches for lunch. YUMMY!

I want to start off small so that way I don't set myself up for failure. How did YOU save money today?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

March Totals

Yes, I'm 15 days late, but I've been super busy the past two weeks and no ending in sight :( Oh well, such is life. Without further ado:

Number of items: 210
Total before savings: $586.77
Store Savings: $143.39
Coupons: $124.26
Number of Q's: 78
OOP: $311.39
Total Savings: $278.57 or 47%

So all in all, I did not reach my goal :( I had aimed for 55%, but came 8 below that, all well, it happens! I did a few 'necessary' shopping trips early in the month which didn't produce many savings. I will need to focus more on getting only necessity items (milk, fruit, produce, meat, etc) when on rock bottom sale. We are also looking to get a freezer so I can stockpile meats and frozen veggies. I will aim for 55% this month as well. I have only gone out shopping ONCE so far this month, and I haven't yet wrote out my savings for it. Once I do that, I will need to get my you know what in gear for the next two weeks to meet my goal!

Money Saving Challenge!

Precious is doing a Money Saving Challenge over at her blog, and everyone knows I'm all about saving money, so this is right up my alley! Her challenge is to watch over every penny like a hawk so she will be using her stockpile to not have to grocery shop unless it's a necessity or free (or close to it). What a great challenge!

For me, however, it's not so great. I just started really making my stockpile, so I don't have a full stockpile to work with, so I'm doing the other part of her challenge, which is to build my stockpile very cheaply. That means hounding like never before (YIPPEE!) DH and I need to pick up our freezer one of these days so I can really stockpile on the meats. It's in the works, so hopefully after this weekend we can really hunker down. I'll be on my blog to update how far I've gotten, and I'll take pictures of my stockpile now, and then I'll update and post as I go along.

I will also be trying to save money other ways, and I'll list them on here. Check out Precious' blog for GREAT ways to save money and some yummy recipes too!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Kaiser's Law

This cutey pie puppy is my good friend's puppy. She had always wanted to have a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) forever. When I got Harry (GSD mix) she loved him and asked to borrow or doggy sit him anytime :) Her mom finally let her get one back in November 2007 and has taken this dog in like it's her own child. She got him from a puppy store that likes to sell sick and diseased puppies to the unknowing customer. Shame on them. Now, Kaiser has epilepsy and suffers from seizures. Does it seem fair that these 'stores' continue to operate to make a pretty penny off the common customer? Absolutely NOT! This is why I joined the Garden State German Shepherd Rescue (GSGSR). I'm not sure legally what I can do to take these places down, but be sure I'm going to do my damndest to! Here is the bulletin my friend posted about Kaiser's Law:

I bet you're all wondering what "Kaiser's Law" is all about. I'll try to keep this brief.

Kaiser is my 18mo. old male German Shepherd. We brought him into our family in November 07 from THE PUPPY SHOPPE ON ROUTE 1 IN EDISON, NJ. This puppy mill shop was convicted of selling abused and/or sick puppies and were forced to close down their facility. KAISER unfortunately has fallen victim to this type of animal abuse and suffers from seizures/epilepsy. The so-called "breeders" the puppy shoppe did business with reside in Birch Tree, MO and you can google them under the name EMPTY NEST PETS. They provided no information that I asked for when I contacted them. Kaiser now faces euthanization due to his illness and it is just breaking our hearts.


Even though The Puppy Shoppe closed its doors in Edison, they somehow managed to open up a smaller, filthy location under the name PUPPY'S located on RT. 18 IN EAST BRUNSWICK.


No other dog/animal should have to suffer like my poor dog who deserves nothing but a long life. So please notify anyone and everyone you know who is looking to purchase a puppy NOT to go to PUPPY'S ON RT. 18 IN EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ!! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT IN KAISER'S LAW.

Super Survivor Poker Tournament at Borgata

SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 2009 at 11AM

1 in 25 WIN $25,000 CASH PRIZE
$1000 Buy-In + $100 Entry
Sunday, April 19, 2009 - Start time 11AM
in Poker Room
One (1) out of every twenty-five (25) players will win $25,000 CASH. Residual cash will be paid to player who finishes next behind $25,000 winners.

$110 Buy-In + $20 Entry
Sunday, April 12, 2009 - Start time 11AM
in Poker Room

$220 Buy-In + $30 Entry
Friday, April 17, 2009 - Start time 4PM
in Poker Room

$220 Buy-In + $30 Entry
Saturday, April 18, 2009 - Start time 11AM
in Poker Room

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Party Planning = STRESS!

I was tasked to plan a party for one of my friends/co-workers who took a job out in Hawaii.....I know....poor her right? I want everything to be perfect, so I've been doing a ton of things to make sure everything goes well, which it never does, no matter how much planning one can do. I started really doing most of the legwork this week. The place was booked awhile back, but it's the gifts and speech, etc that I'm stressing on. I'm not sure if she reads this, so I won't blast what I got her...but I think the small gifts were pretty creative. I got a speech from a friend who left back in october and he cannot make the party, so he has a few words for her. I printed it out and framed it. Corny, I know, but it's somewhat funny what he wrote. He's always good for a laugh.
Now that I'm writing my speech, I want it to be funny and a little serious. I started thinking about what to write when I was in the shower last night and balled my eyes out. I'm going to miss her. She has helped me so much where I work it's not even funny. She's explained a ton to me and I learned so much from her. I don't want her to leave :(
So I wrote up my speech and to some it's probably corny, so I need to probably re-do parts of it, but at least I wrote up most of it, so that's a start. Hubby Mike is going bowling tonight and I normally stay home. I took leave in the AM to prepare last minute stuff for the party and to try to get Hubby Mike to the dentist. so I may go with him to bowling tonight....not sure. I know if I stay home to write more of the speech, I'll just sob all night long. At least being out maybe my funny juices will flow, we shall see.