Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Win Some, You Lose Some (Money Saving Challenge)

Oh I was doing SOOOOOO good!!!!! WAS!!! All last week, I made dinner so we didn't spend money on take out or going out to eat...and it gets costly doing so. We normally spend about $40 for the two of us, including tip when we go out, and we always use a coupon like a BOGO and all...and we don't eat much, normally no appetizer or dessert. So I wanted to cut back. We would normally go out to eat with a friend every Friday and Saturday, and sometimes take out once a week. And it gets to be expensive, so I said no more! Not to mention UNHEALTHY! So all last week I cooked....yes it was time consuming, but I'd rather spend the time to cook then spend my money.

So we did good. Friday we made pizza bagels. Freshetta was on sale for $4 and change, and DH loves them. But they are unhealthy. So I got wheat bagels, and I have plenty of sauce and cheese at home so in the oven went our pizza bagels....and they were quite yummy!!!!! Saturday, we normally go out for breakfast to the diner or Dunkin Donuts, again, expensive and unhealthy. We had our home appraiser guy come out for our refinance, then after, we made a healthy breakfast together. We saw on Biggest Loser one of the contestants make ground turkey and threw in some peppers and onions and black beans. DH won't eat black beans, so we put eggs in instead for the protein. We made wraps out of them and it was sooooo yummy!!!! Saturday night we went to a friends for a bday party and we got him some restaurant.com gift certificates.

Sunday we stayed in to watch the Giants game. We did go out and run a few errands. We got the curtains we needed for our room and DH exchanged a shirt and got a new one. We paid $5. We used a coupon and gift certificates, but to use the coupon we had to use the kohl's charge so we put $5 on there. We also got some adult beverages and snacks for the Giants game.

Then yesterday came and all that went down the tube!! My tooth had been bothering me for a week, so I called the dentist and they had me come in...lovely. Supposed to be a lazy day at home, and here we are off to the dentist. Dr. couldn't find anything wrong but gave me some meds, just in case, as he is going to Africa for two weeks for a missioniary trip. He is very worried. Oh well. Then we went to Best Buy for the 2 and a Half Men DVDs...there was one on sale for $14.99, normally over $40. There was 3 seasons on sale for that price, so we got 3 of them, then 2 cheap blue ray movies that we have been wanting to see. Then we went to get some food as we hadn't eaten breakfast. I had a Fit Slam at Denny's, it was so yummy! It was egg whites with spinach and grape tomatoes, 2 slices of turkey bacon, an English muffin and a cup of fruit...it was so good, I finished it all!!!! Then while we were at Denny's, DH's dad called and they were going out to dinner later and his uncle was coming up, so of course we accepted the invite. We ended up paying $76 for dinner. When we go out, we normally don't drink so ours was a ton cheaper then the parents since they drank, but they do so much for us and cook for us every week that I wasn't about to say that ours was about $40 tops including tip...it's just not worth it. If it were friends, I wouldn't mind...but so many times his parents come over, we order out and they pay, so I wasn't about to nickel and dime them...ya know? but still...that was a lot of money to shell out for dinner. So back on the wagon this week...until Thursday, when we go to AC for the weekend. But I have a ton of gift cards that I plan on using, plus our comps, so we'll see how that goes!

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Precious said...

You did well this week.Chalk up the $ 76. to having quality time with family. It's alwasy worth it.