Wednesday, January 18, 2012

BAD Customer Service!!!!!

Yup, that was me about 20 minutes ago at the Stop and Shop by my work in Elizabeth. I've been there twice, this being my second time and up until the end, everyone there was pretty nice to me and assisted with a smile. Well, the tables have surely turned for me!

So I got 6 6packs of Pepsi (3 for $10 deal) and 2 fritos (2 for 6). I used 3 $2/2 coupons for the soda. I also got 2 Pupperonis, they were 3.29 and also BOGO and I had a $1.50/2 coupon. I also had a $2 CAT to use. So I got to the self checkout and the CAT machine was green, good to go. So I ring all my stuff up and it comes to $20 and change. I'm due a $7 CAT for buying $20 of Pepsi products and a $1 CAT for buying 2 Pupperonis. Sure lights on the CAT machine start to blink as they are supposed to come out...said paper out. Figures. So I bag my stuff and go to customer service. Two people ahead of me, oh well. So I get to the front and tell the lady my story. She goes to load the machine, and at this time a few customers had rung up after me, so I'm thinking even if she gets it work NOW, my CATs won't come out. She's there for about 5 minutes, and it won't work. So she goes back to the customer service area, and the door is locked, she can't get back in. The other guy is busy with a customer so she waits for him to let her in. So she pages a manager. Manager calls back, she starts to tell him the issue, and he cuts her off. She's like 'No, Sylvia's on lunch' Then she hangs up, speaks Spanish to the guy, then comes to me and says 'I'm sorry, but I can't help you. The manager I spoke to is too busy in the back and the other manager is out to lunch.' So I ask, "well, now what do I do? you owe me $8.' She's like 'you can wait here for another half hour or so until the other manager comes back or you can come back later.' I'm like , 'WHAT? I'm not coming back here later. It's your issue, not mine, by time I get out of work and get it, it's prime time rush hour, so that's not gonna fly' So she keeps saying there's nothing she can do, blah blah blah. So I'm like 'Can you just refund me my money on this order and I'll ring it at another register?" She's like 'Oh yes, we can do that, that's a good idea' Ugh. So we do. One by one, she's entering the items in....then gets to the bottom and she's like 'Oh' I'm like 'What?" She's like, you used coupons on this order.' 'yea, so?' "well, if I refund you your money, and you re ring it, you cannot use the coupons again?" Ugh "What? They are right there (as I point 5 feet to the register I used), they are right on top, it's not like it's the next day. So now, you tell me either I'm out 8 bucks or around 10 in coupons that I used.' She's like 'I don't know what to tell you' So I said 'Well, you paged the other manager and he called you back. Can you call him again and tell him that I would like to speak with him?" She's like 'Okay'. She she pages him, he calls b/c she said that I want to speak with him, NOW he wants to know what the issue she starts again, then he cuts her off. Then she said he's on his way up. Oh man am I ready to rip him a new one!!!!!! All this time, about half hour AFTER i checked out I'm sitting there all ticked off. So he comes up, sees me, then walks AROUND me and avoids all eye contact with me. The lady tells him the issue w/ the machine, and he's like 'Just give her the money out of your register' and walks away. REALLY? REALLY? Maybe if that guy knew the issue the FIRST time, he could have said that half hour prior!!!!! REALLY guy...really!!!?? I even said that to the girl....but he was 'too busy' but when a customer wants to speak with him, he comes? Oh you better believe I'm drafting up a nasty gram!!!!!!

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Precious said...

I believe customer service is dead in the US.