Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Borgata Winter Open Event #33 $100+20+$100 Bounty

DH and I decided to play this event on the advice from Kim (Ac_pokerchick) that it would be a fun event. So we went to eat first, came back and registered. And we got on the same table. I mean yeah I don't like that, but at least I get to be with my hubby (sappy moment, yes I know). All in all, I won one hand at lucky table 13. And it was against DH. And it was the first hand. I hate playing the first hand. But it was heads up and I flopped nut flush draw, so I bet, DH folded. I was so card dead, it was unbelievable. I hardly got to play a hand! Once the antes came into play and the blinds went up, I was getting short stacked big time. Any ace or two big cards or any pair, I'm shoving all in. I get pocket sixes and I'm thinking "I'm going all in" Comes to me, and I folded...my hands just picked them up and threw them into the muck pile! WHAT just happened???? Oh well. Nothing I could do at that point.

A few hands later, I get jack queen. I say "all in" and put 3 $1000 chips over the line, then grab the rest of my small chips (about $500) and put them next to the other ones. Guy next to me is like 'that's a string bet' 'What, I said all in!' Dealer didn't hear it, he didn't hear it, then DH is like 'I heard her say it, and another guy on the far end of the table heard me say it too. So I was all in. I got 3 callers. Pretty much not what you're looking for in a tournement when you're all in. You want it heads up, but 3 callers isn't good b/c in a tournament, the goal is to take people out, so you're closer to the money so people are very likely to check it down so it's 3 versus 1 rather then 1 on 1. Flop comes 9d 3s 10d. I flopped an open ended, and I felt pretty good. Guy next to me bets out, next guy shoves all in, other guy folds. Gulp. Still not a good scenario for me. We all show our cards, guy next to me has a set of 10s (3 tens) and the other guy had a flush draw. Turn is the 9h, giving the guy next to me a full house. River comes Kc giving me a straight, but the other guy had a full house. Really dealer??? Really? Salt in the wound much?

So I found Kim and we chatted a bit, then she played a sit and go and I watched. DH played for awhile and I would get the update texts about his quadrupling up with pocket 2s, taking someone out with pocket aces. At one point, he was chipleader in the tourney. I finally went over to watch him when the sit and go was done. Since I wasn't watching earlier and he was doing good, I didn't want to hex him. But he was already in the money so I went over there. He busted out in 10th place and I couldn't have been more proud, especially since he never plays tournaments!

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