Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Money Saving Challenge - Weekend of 1/21/2012

Since DH was on vacation last week, I decided to take a day off on Friday and make it a 3 day AC weekend with him. I had all intentions of playing some poker tournaments at Borgata for the Borgata Winter Poker Open, but only played a cheap one Friday night. DH played too, just to spend some more time with me, and figured it'd be fun. It was a cheap buy in, and it was at night so it wasn't a big tournament or anything....but guess who cashed? Yes, DH did...and he doesn't even play tournaments!!!!! hahahaha. I was so proud of him! Other then that, I didn't play any other tournaments, so it was great to be able to kick back and spend ALL weekend with DH.

Eating can get pricey in AC and since I wasn't down there too much late in 2011, my comps weren't there for free food. But, I did manage to gather up some gift cards, so we ate for free all weekend using gift cards that were collecting dust in my drawer. We even did a nice dinner on Saturday at a pricey restaurant for our anniversary. We each got a drink (I had wine, he had a sangria), we split an appetizer, and we each got an entree. The bill was just about $100, not including tip, but we had tons of gift cards to use so we used them. So that was one less thing to worry about, paying for pricey meals.

We normally buy stuff down there at the Borgata store, but this time decided not to, so again, that saved us some money as well. We DID have to use some comps that we did have on toothpaste though. DH packed both our stuff since he was home, and he forgot the toothpaste...AGAIN. The last time we went away he forgot it. It was hard to pay $3 for toothpaste, when I have mountains of it at home, but it was free with comps anyway. And next time, I will pack :)

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Precious said...

I love the fact that you ate free all weekend with giftcards. Nice going.