Monday, January 30, 2012

Ladies Event a No Go for Pokerchick

I was so looking forward to the LIPS (Ladies International Poker Series) Tour event going on at Golden Nugget this past weekend. I opted out of the Borgata Ladies event last weekend so I would be able to watch the Giants game. I love the ladies events. So since another one was the next weekend, I figured I'd play one and play the Nugget one. It seemed to be hit or miss, they weren't really advertising it much, but LIPS usually gets a lot of players. I booked a room and my best friend closed his shop so he can come watch. The night before, I wanted to double check the time. Two things said 11am, two other things said noon. I was already frazzled b/c I had a ton to do after work Friday, and ended up at my mom's and the vets b/c my dog (parent's dog) is up there in age and his health has been declining. My mom said he hurt his paw and wouldn't walk on it and to come over since my dad wasn't home. My poor pup was gimping around, but he was determined! He paw was going backwards, it was the oddest thing. He kept trying to walk to no avail. When my dad came home, we made an emergency vet visit. So the whole family loaded up the car to the vet. We all though the worst. He is old and all that, so we all thought he was going to be put down. The vet is awesome and explained a ton of things. He is okay for now, could have been a stroke or a soft tissue issue, but for now, he is okay and on meds and is walking a bit better on that paw, but just limping on it, like you would a sprain. So Friday night was very emotional for me.

So, I figured we'd get there for like 11am, that way I'm prepared. We got there around 1030ish, walked around, then headed to the poker room. Oh, the signs all over the casino said 11am as well. There were about 4 other women there, playing cash waiting for noon, as that's the time they decided to start. They told me to register, so I did, then hung around. They had osme bagels and pastries out, so I helped myself. I played some slots, etc. Around 1130, there was only 7 people registered for this two day ladies event. Around 1145 I made the decision not to play and started the trek to get my money back. I figured since I already bought in, I'd have to fight for it, but all I did was go to the cage, told the woman and I got my money back, it was pretty simple. I guess they knew people might back out. I did get some slack from the ladies that I backed out. Yes, it will be fun, yes I want to support the ladies events, but for $350 with 7 others registered? I don't think so. My bankroll won't support a $350 sit and go. I'd rather go play at Borgata for that money, and play for a decent prize pool. All in all, I think they got 11 players.

We went to Borgata, got some food then was texting Ac_pokerchick and she said to come play the 2pm at Showboat. We teetered, then figured, why not. We have all day to kill. So we went there. We thought it was $100 bu in, so I was shocked when I gave the woman $100, and she gave me $35 back! Sweet! The tournament was fun. I had a good table, no cards though. Had I gotten something other then 6 3 off, 7 2 off, 5 2 off, I would have played more. I'm not kidding either...for one whole round, not one face card. I did manage to win three hands during the tourmanemt, which is 2 more then the last tourney I played!

In late position, I looked down at queen 7 off (this is earlier in the tourney). I limp in, and I'm seeing a flop with the SB and BB. Flop is Q Q rag. Check Check Check. Turn is a jack giving a straight draw and a flush draw. Check Check, I bet, fold fold. Oh well. Next hand that I won I was again in late position and someone raised to $1200. ($150/$300 were the blinds). I look down at ace king and call. Flop is King rag rag with two diamonds. raiser bets out 2500, I bump it to 7500. He tanks, then folds. Then, later in the tournament, i'm getting short stacked and people are coming to our table from other tables with massive amounts of gray $5k chips. Great. I'm just looking for a big card or an ace, or pocket pair so I can shove. I get the button and I look down at pocket kings. I shove, everyone folds. Figures.

That was it for my winning hands. I finally get king queen in late position, and shove as the short stacked, got called with ace jack. ace Ace 3 is the flop. Nothing on turn and river, and I'm out. Hubby Mike is still playing. He ended up cashing. They chopped 9 ways. what a debacle that was. Some wanted to chop, but the chipleader (a girl) didn't....she had all the chips. Then said if they chop, she should get most of it since she's chip leader. Hubby Mike is telling her that with 9 left, chip leader at this point means nothing as she can lose that in two hands. She didn't want to chop. Then she donkeys off some chips putting another player all in then of course she's like '9 way chop works for me'. Idiot. Hubby Mike was then chip leader. Ac_pokerchick said no chop, so I said no chop to him, but he wanted to. He was the only one really didn't want to, and figured karma would come bite him if he said no chop. I think the people running the tournament need to step up at the Boat for situations like this. It held up the whole game. People kept talking about it while hands are being played. I'd be pretty peeved if I'm trying to play a hand and that idiot is going on and on about how she's chipleader and should get more money, etc. Player busts out, you ask around if you want to chop, if one person says no, continue on. another player busts, go around and ask again, if one person says no continue. There should be no discussion...a simple yes/no should suffice. Hubby Mike cashed anyways, so it's all good. Then we hit B again for more food, then to the hotel where we crashed for the night.

With my bad luck and Hubby Mike's good luck, I'm thinking of buying him in to Feb 11th tourney at B. I will sit out. Yes, I said it...I will sit out..let the hurricanes and blizzards begin!

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