Tuesday, December 14, 2010

WSOP Circuit - Harrah's Ladies Event 12/11/2010

I had originally planned on playing the tournament at the Borgata on Dec 11th since it was a two day event, and I really want to get my feet wet playing a multi day event. In the past with work, I wasn’t able to, and the ones that are on the weekends are over $1k buy in, which my bankroll can’t stomach. Then, on Friday, Dec. 10th, I checked the Borgata website to double check times, etc and it was changed to a 1 day event. Eh. So I switched back to wanting to play the ladies event.

We got to Harrah’s around 10, checked in, didn’t get a room, so we put our luggage at the Bellhop. I then went up to register for the tournament, no line. We then walked around for a little bit until the tournament started.

I started at a pretty good table…all the ladies were nice (as always). I wanted to try to suss out the ladies at my table to see how they played (tight, loose, aggressive, etc). I got a pretty good read on them all pretty quick (another reason I like the ladies event, easy to suss out). Many tight players, and 2 loose players at my table. The one was in every hand, she’d raise every other hand and so many times at the river, she’d be like ‘Ace high’ since she kept trying to win the pot by betting. Another girl was the same way, she’d always catch on the river. One girl flopped a set of nines and bet big, and raised, etc. Same on the turn, bet huge. With an ace and a queen (maybe a jack on board). The girl kept calling…10 on the river, she caught a higher set on the river, leaving the other woman with like 300 left. She was MAD! But this other woman that hit the set on the river could not get off ANY hands!

I must say that my ace king was loving me that tournament! I lost 2 times with it and got it about 8 times. The first time I got it, I raised pre flop with 2 callers. Nothing on the flop, check to me so I continuation bet it, one caller. 10 on the turn, making 2 diamonds out there and 2 tens. She checked, I bet, she insta called again so I put her on a 10 since she was a tight player as well. She checks the river before it came out, Ace on the river, I check (since my pair of aces loses to a set of 10s) and I flip it over in disgust and she mucked…she said I got her on the river. Sweet!

Got ace king again a few hands later (suited) and I raised pre flop, 2 callers (both the loose girls too). Nothing hit on the flop and one girl bet out so I folded. Other girl raised (thinking ‘good fold’ to myself). They bet again on the turn and river. Ace rag won (ace high), the other girl had queen 7 off. Wow…I woulda won with ace king high. Oh well. But other then that and the hand that knocked me out, my ace king was unstoppable, which is RARE!

At the end of one of the rounds, I got pocket 8s or 9s. I hate getting a hand as we are going on a break. So I raised pre flop, got one caller (loose girl). I flopped a set, girl checked and I bet out (flush and straight possibilities) and she folded. Thank goodness!

Around 3 or 4 pm ( I can’t remember the timing), I got pocket nines and someone raised ahead of me. I call, looking to see a flop as I wasn’t going to repop her since she had a tight image. Girl to my left calls also, VERY tight. She played maybe 3 hands the whole time. Flop was 9 2 3 (two diamonds). Tight girl leads out and goes all in, I go all in on top and the tight girl to my left goes into the tank. I must note, that right before the hand was dealt, Hubby Mike came up to check on me. So he was standing behind me as the whole hand took place. As soon as I pushed all in, he moved back, thinking ‘Oh boy, if this goes bad, she’s going to blame me’. The girl to my left finally folds, and we flip over our cards. I forgot what the woman had, but the girl to my left was like ‘I put you on a set, that’s why I folded pocket jacks’. Turn was a blank, river was a jack! Good thing I pushed all in or the girl to my left would have called just the all in of the other girl and I woulda have most likely gone busto in that hand when she rivered her jack.

Right before the dinner break, our table got busted up, which was a good thing b/c two girls got into a heated argument when one rivered a one or two outer ( I wasn’t paying attention that hand, I’m just going by hearsay). I got moved to table one, with Ac_pokerchick. Soon after, we went on lunch.

I played tight at the new table to get some reads of the new people. At one point, I had pocket 7s and I raised pre flop. Pregnant girl to my right called. Flop was ace jack rag, she checked, I bet out, she called. Turn was a 9 I think, she bet I folded. At this point I went from over 30k in chips down to about 21k. I don’t remember if I got involved in many more hands as at 27 left, we redrew tables and seats.

We moved down to 3 tables from 4 and I was at seat 1 at my new table. I hate seat 1, I never know when it’s my turn lol. Hubby Mike and Hubby 2 were there watching and nicknamed seat 10 my arch nemesis. She won a few hands off me, but I won a few from her too, and when I counted we were about even stealing money from each other. One particular hand was when I had 10 jack of clubs in the big blind (arch nemesis in small blind). Flop came out two clubs, she checks, I bet out someone behind me folded, arch nemeis calls. Turn is nothing, she checks, I check, river is the ace of clubs. I just hit my flush! That hadn’t happened the WHOLE tourney! She bets out, I go all in (or I raised her a lot, I don’t recall). She thinks, thinks, thinks, etc. Then she folds. Here’s where I got ticked off, but didn’t let it show…Hubby Mike saw it too and wanted to say something, but kept quiet. After the hand, arch nemesis asked if I caught my flush b/c if I did, she had me beat the entire way to the river. I had in my headphones, but had paused it at some point or another. I just remember I had in my earphones but paused the song for whatever reason. So I pretended that I didn’t hear her. So the dealer (in between us), taps me and says that arch nemesis was asking me a question (as I’m racking in my chips). Thank goodness for Ac-pokerchick! She didn’t know that it was on pause, but knew that I had in my headphones and was like ‘she has her earphones in’ LOL. Now why in the heck would the dealer tap me and say ‘she asked you a question’ HELLO…deal the cards! Don’t talk and don’t get involved! Eesh!

This is around the time where I started the roller coaster again. In the past, I’ve done this, but would go down, then up, then down and out. This time, I rode the coaster for awhile, I’ve never gone down and up so many times and lasted.

One girl did comment that I was very patient and knew the exact time to shove.

Although a kick from Ac_pokerchick from down at the end of the table woulda been nice lol. She had raised pre flop, I was in the big blind and I had ace king, so I had to call…I was very short stacked…less then 10k and the blinds were 1500/3k. She had aces…woops! So that was it, I was out in 16th around 11pm and we started at 11am. It was a LONG day and I was exhausted and hungry. I went to eat and came back over an hour later to see who was at the final table. Kim finished in 7th, (congrats!) and the final table was playing. I went to bed shortly after. I’m still trying to see who won, but worldseriesofpoker.com hasn’t updated the ladies event yet 

Congrats to Ac_pockerchick! I checked out pokerpages.com and she has her own page!


Frances said...

I totally don't understand poker, but it sounds like you had a good time.

spaghetti0625 said...

Frances: I always have a good time in the ladies events, I don't know why b/c a lot of them don't really understand poker, but it's fun to talk to them all b/c they come from all different places to play. It's a cheap buy in, and a lot of the times, they just want to play for fun and the men are intimidating to some. But I always have a blast and make new friends :)