Friday, December 17, 2010

December 17th - Lesson Learned

Today's Reverb Prompt is: What was the best thing you learned about yourself this past year? And how will you apply that lesson going forward?

For me, during this past year, I figured out that I'm not Super Woman and that I can't do it all. I also learned that how I deal with stress of not being Super Woman is not so healthy. I tend to blow up, not rationalize, and just get really moody. I finally figured out how to deal with that stress a week ago. I was upset over going over budget for Christmas. I resorted to yelling at DH, blaming him for not helping me, etc. He then went to pick up dinner, I took a shower and mellowed out. I rationalized in my head while I was in the shower. When I came out, DH was home and I gave him a great big hug and apologized. I said we'd figure something out and that we don't spend any $ on ourselves throughout the year, so we 'splurge' during these holidays, so it's not a big deal. But I tend to make small deals into HUGE ordeals. I think I have tamed that best this year.

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