Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day at Borgata

I had been looking forward to our Vally's Day Borgata trip for a few weeks now. So, Thursday we did laundry at my MIL's since our washer won't do the spin cycle. Then Friday night, the dryer vent guy came to do the dryer vent as required by our condo association. Whatever....very nice guy. HAD to shove a Vitamin Water in his hand. DH helped him get the stackable out of the closet room thingy it's in and he was great. I offered him food and a drink since he mentioned that he has been running around since was now 8:30. He refused any food, so I pulled him, literally into the kitchen and told him to take what he wanted....he took a Vitamin Water. See, sometimes I'm motherly!

So Friday we heated up a Freshetta pizza and packed for our trip the next day. I'm an early riser (DH is not). So I made sure he showered Friday night cuz if he had to shower in the AM on Saturday, we'd never get to AC! So, we went to bed around midnight or so, and I was up at 8:15, 45 minutes before the alarm. DH and I snuggled for a bit and did our marital stuff, then we got up and ready. I had some errands to run before we went, so I wanted to be out of the house by 10 at the latest. So we got ready but DH wasn't feeling well. He'd been coming down with a cold since Wednesday, and now it was full blast. And I'm a germaphobe. He NEVER gets sick, and it figures, the ONE time he does, it's Valentine's Day. Oh well. So we get out of the house at 10am (good timing). A friend of mine called to see if we can pick up her wife and bring her down as she is going down later that night, but her wife wanted to go earlier. So I said that's fine, no sense for her to take the bus alone. So we did our errands while she got ready. Went to the bank, to the credit union (and opened an account of rewards checking with an APY of 5.01%! That's great!) and went to shop rite, Dunkin Donuts and my mom's. So by time we were done, our friend was ready so we picked her up and on our way to AC!

We dropped Judy off at Caesar's and the city was PACKED! We got to Borgata around 2 (I soooo wanted to be there before noon, all well) and we had an issue checking in. The girl is like 'Ok, Ms. Russo, we have you down for one comp night with two queen beds...' She's still talking, but I don't hear her. I look at Hubby Mike and he's like 'Is that a suite?" She's like 'Oh no sir, we don't give out free suites here' ( I felt like cursing her out, but I kept my cool). I pull out my letter from the girl at customer assurance that specifically states a free comp suite. So she looks at it and says that 'Even if it's a free suite, they won't give it away on a holiday' So I tell her that the girl that wrote me the letter booked us the suite, and of course, it's a Saturday and she doesn't work weekends. She goes to talk to her 'manager' who is a guy that's younger then me. I'm 28, and this kid was no older then 25. So we see them and other guys in suits looking at the letter, like it's forged, I don't know. So I'm about to lose my cool. NEVER had we EVER had any issue at Borgata, and the two times we go to Water Club, ISSUES GALORE! So I tell Hubby Mike that if this guy gives me lip, we're gonna stay at a suite at Borgata. So he comes over, pushes some buttons and says that they only have smoking vistas available. I ask if it smells bad (we don't smoke) and he says it shouldn't. To that, I said, 'Well, if it does, we're coming right back down, and you're putting us in the biggest suite at Borgata' And he just looks at me and says to enjoy your stay. I felt like cursing him out too, but I don't. We get to our 'vista suite' and it's just a regular room, but a little bigger and 2 windows instead of two. Our friends were in a suite too, they had the same room. What a rip off. Although I did look online and the vista suite is only $10 more....whatever, it was a free room.

So we make our way down to see my friend Tim at the poker room. It was about 2:30 and we had 5pm dinner reservations at Izakaya so I didn't want to sit at the poker table for like 2 hours only. So we walk around, and end up playing Let it Ride. Never played it, but on the ride down, Judy mentioned how good it is to play to kill time b/c you can sit with a hunge or two hunge and it lasts awhile. So I sit at a $10 table with $200. It has the 3 card bonus, which is great b/c I LOVE 3 card. First hand, I got a pair of queens, yay! However, after that, nothing, and each hand I'm pulling back two bets, so I"m losing 1 $10 bet and 1 $10 3 card bonus. So I'm down to my last like $20 or so, and I'm like 'all, well, it's almost 4pm anyways, so once I'm done with this, we can get ready'. I look at an ace, and Hubby Mike makes the comment "Look at the others, this isn't 3 card lol' So the second card I look at is another ace. The guy to my right is like 'Put it down, don't look' (he helped cuz I was new). So I put it down. He looked at ace jack rag. Then Hubby Mike said that the lady to my left had the other remaining ace. All well, still had a pair better then 10s, so I'd still win. Well, lady to my left did NOT have the case ace....I DID! The dealer flips over 3 aces for me!!! YIPPEE! So I won like $400 or so on that hand, and I played out my reds, and then when the guy to my right left, we left too. So that was nice! Then up to change to get ready for dinner :)

We had dinner at Izakaya and it was great! I had shrimp tempura (first try at sushi) but it was too fishy for me. I had the edamame (awesome) and the roasted soy chicken, which came out in like a witch's crockpot, it was pretty funny, but sooooo good. Hubby Mike and my friend's girlfriend got the filet mignon and it was soooooo good too! Great place to eat if anyone is interested!

So back to the room to change into jeans and hit the poker table! Of course DH does well, me not so well. One hand I remember, I had ace king suited, I make it 17 pre flop and 2 callers. Queen 8 queen on the flop. Everyone checks, I bet out, one caller. Blank on turn, check to me, I bet. call. River nothing. kid checks, I check. He's like 'come on show your ace king, so I do, he flips over 8 4 off. UGH. So I try my darndest to get him back and every hand he's in, I limp...can't catch anything! UGH Oh well. DH did well, and at the end of the night, I cash out for like 89 bucks....but I was still up from let it ride, so not too too bad.

Part two coming up about yesterday.....what a stories I have about that day :)

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