Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Know I'm Getting Old When....

Bon Jovi comes to town and I DON'T go psycho-stalk him! So, anyone that knows me personally knows that I'm probably THE biggest (or one of the biggest) Bon Jovi fans. Back in the 80's, my first concert experience EVER was Bon Jovi. That's a memory that I made with my mom, sister and cousin's that I'll NEVER forget (damn those girls that took OUR handmade signs that took forever to make out of the garbage and hang them up and take credit for it!). I'm from Sayreville, where Jon grew up. I even sat in the same desk that he sat at in English class. I've gone to numerous shows since I was young and everytime he's in Jersey, I go see him. But not yesterday. Here's why:

In order to get tickets, you have to be part of a Bon Jovi's Backstage Fan Club, which is $50 a year. The only benefit from what I see is early access and great seats to his shows. However, all I heard about were members of the club getting screwed and paying a ton more money for seats that anyone could get. Then, to purchase a ticket, it's $250, probably plus tax, fees, etc. So right there, you're looking at over $300, over $550 for a couple (Hubby Mike's a HUGE fan as well). Then you had to bring sports memorbilia like sports jerseys to the show that will get donated to children of soldiers in Iraq. Yes, that's a great cause, but sports jerseys? HELLO, I won't even buy myself one b/c they're so expensive! We do a lot of donation stuff at work, but never have they asked for high priced items! Oh, and the cost of the tickets which is high, all the money (so they say) will get donated to Jon's Philadelphia Soul Charity...IN PENNSYLVANIA! Now, he hasn't come back to Sayreville to do anything, now he comes and NOTHING goes to where he grew up? Not even the same STATE??? come on now! At least Bruce gives back to his hometown!


Bayaderra said...

You missed a FANTASTIC show! Jon treated his real fans to a great meddley of real oldies and rarities (Power Station years and Box Set,YG2, Destination Anywhere)South Side Johnny hits and some recent favorites. As far as donations went, it was purely voluntery, there were NO sport jerseys listed on request list. Most people brought school supplies like pencils and notebooks. Fans came from around the globe and had a very memorable night!

spaghetti0625 said...

Thanks for the comment, but that's just WAY too much money in the economy and I personally don't agree with where the money's going. If he's doing a show in his hometown, the $$ should go at least to the STATE he's performing in. I'm just sick of all the stuff stars are doing to get money for their own private charities.
But that's cool about the smaller donations. The article I read was bashing how they wanted 'high priced' items. Which also turned nme off.