Monday, February 16, 2009

Day After Vally's Day at Borgata...Cruel Punishment followed by Sweet Rewards

Well, DH and I got up early (well, I did, early riser) and my girl Roz sent me a text that she was going to the breakfast buffet at 9am and then gonna play the 11am tourney. We don't normally do breakfast, so I declined on the buffet. Told her we'd see her around 11 at the poker room. So DH and I watched some TV then got ready to check out and go to the casino. I go to the poker room, Tim is still there from 1pm Saturday! He's nuts! Then I see Judy at the 1 2 table with not too many chips...she's card dead. We start talking about possibly playing 2 5. So DH wanted to get something to eat for breakfast (he needs to be up to eat, not just getting up) So I have him put me on a let it ride table while he eats. So I order an OJ when I sit and off he goes. He comes back, line was too long. I lose my $200 in a matter of 15 much for staying awhile. Then we go back to the poker room, Judy doubled up...YAY! We start talking about 2 5 NL again, then DH wants to go downstairs to get something to eat. On our way down, Judy texts 'As you guys walked away, I got 2's a sign, but for you or for me?" So then I made my mind up, I'm gonna play 2 5.

I get on a table and it's a fairly new table, not much money at the table, just about $500 or less at each seat. I bought in for the max, $500. First two hands I fold. One was 6 4 off to a raise when I posted, then the next hand was like jack 5 off. Next hand, I get pocket 8s, I limp in. One guy makes it 20 two callers, then to me, I call. Flop is 8 Jack 3 rainbow. I'm like 'YAY!' I bet out $80 and the raiser calls. hmmmm, I'm thinking ace jack. everyone else folds. Turn is a even if he has ace jack, I'm still good now cuz I got a boat! So I bet out $200, he thinks, pushes all in, I insta call and show my boat. He flips over jack queen. He's like 'You got me' Freaking river pairs the damn 3, and my boat was washed out by his boat. Wow, that hurt. I wanted to cry! LOL. I go to Judy tell her, she can't believe it. I go to Hubby Mike, and everyone at his table can't believe it! I then go to Tim and 'fake' cry on his shoulder. Then I go to sit down at a let it ride table. At that point, my cash game was off. I haven't been doing great at cash the last 4 sessions, so I figured I needed a break. I tell Hubby Mike that all the time...if he's constantly on a bad streak, take a break and go to Blackjack or something. He never listens. So I heed my own advice telling myself that I'm done with poker for awhile. I say I can get tons of rest instead of making the bi weekly trips to AC :). Try to get on let it ride, nothing is open. So I stalk a table, nobody moves for like 20 minutes. Hubby Mike came over to see me and to let me lean on him for awhile since my bad beat. He then leaves, then after a few minutes I give up and decided to watch Hubby Mike play (another tip I give to Hubby Mike....if you're having a bad streak, just watch me play, he says no b/c I would never watch him, so now I try to make good on my advice). As I get to him, they open a brand new 2 5 table. The devil and angel appear on my shoulders. Devil won, as always when we're in AC. So I grab my remaining $300 in my purse and sit down for less then the max buy in at a 2 5 table. I tell DH that I'm 'Going big or going home!' He's not happy but everyone at his table wishes me the best of luck after my horrible 8 outer beat.

So I sit down, not everyone bought in for $500 which is good, so I'm not the only short stack. I get down to like $150...not happy. Can't win a hand to save my life! Finally, I win a pretty good pot and I'm excited....make friends with some people at the table, and Joey Z give me a candy bar....actually I stole it cuz he did me dirty one hand. I got pocket aces, I make it 25 to go, a few callers. Flop is king king 5, I bet out 50, he raises me 150 on top. He's a regular and he says 'what do you think I have?" and I'm like 'A king, I know' So I fold, showing my pocket aces, he flips over king UGH! I yelled at him for doing my dirty and 'stole' one of his candy bars. We made nice over the hours we played, and exchanged phone numbers since he lives close. Hubby Mike doesn't mind, he's older then me, and we're both married....but since we live close, we can invite each other to home games. We made friends awhile back with a nice couple and the husband was there. He's very sweet and would 'check up on me' every once in awhile and give me pointers. Everyone at the table thought he was my Hubby. LOL. Too funny. Then Tim came over and the table is like 'Is that your hubby?" And I'm like 'No, he just wishes he was" LOL. Then a friend we made down there, we call him Red cuz he has red hair was there. He's a sweetie too. They're like 'Is THAT your husband?" nope! So now we start numbering my 'Husbands' at Borgata. Tim is Hubby 3, Howard is Hubby 2, and Red is 7 b/c we all lost count and I have husbands from previous trips. Red picked 7 b/c he likes the number. So he's now 'RED SEVEN' just like in Wedding Crashers.

I started making my way back up picking up some pots, and I doubled up when I hit a set of jacks on the flop. I had about $300 or so, actually less then that. I get pocket jacks. I raise to $35 pre flop, 2 callers. Flop is jack high, so I bet out $75, guy to my left goes all in, guy folds, I call. He's had 6 9 hitting two pair. I flip over my set. So he's out, and he rebuys. So I doubled up. I took someone else out with another big hand, but I don't remember. The table got fun after awhile too. People would raise to ten without looking at cards, and Joey Z would raise 30 blind. The one hand, I called the 10 blind, he makes it thirty, almost everyone calls. So I do as well. The flop is like 5 7 9 or something. Guy in seat one who won a MONSTER hand that I woulda had $3k in front of me if I played (I'll tell that story in a bit) bets out $400! He threw out like 3 blacks and 4 greens. It looked like he knocked it over on accident, and I ask if it was a serious bet...he says yes. Crap, I look, I had top pair...ugh. I fold....Joey Z is like 'Okay, for $400 I gotta look okay everyone? " We all agree. He goes all in for not much more, seat one calls. Joey Z flopped a straight and the guy that raised 10 and called the 30 raise blind had pocket aces!!!!!! WOW!

So, about the hand that I woulda had $3k in front of me. Now, the table was pretty friendly, but a lot of the time people are putting a ton of money in the pot pre flop. Joey Z raises it to $30, guy two to his left, re-raises to $130, 5!!!!! I had queen nine off, so I folded. Wouldn't you know I flopped nuts, had I stayed in? I had queen nine, flop was 8 10 jack (two hearts). Bet, all in, call, raise, you name it. Like 4 people were all in on the turn. Which happened to be a black five, river was a black 2. So my straight woulda help up! One guy had ace jack, the other (seat 1) had a set of 8s and Joey Z was on the flush draw. He sure did like his flush draws! So Seat 1 won a TON Of money. Lots of blacks and greens in there that coulda been mine...ho hum.

So, back to me. I would win a few pots and was excited that I was up this session. One hand, the guy makes it $10, so I say I'm gonna look at one, it's an ace. So I call. Guy to my left, who seemed to raise EVERY hand I limped in or flat called, makes it $40. Joey Z calls and 2 others call. So now I announce I'm gonna look at the other card....another ACE!! YIPPEE! I push all in. haha. If I take the pot down, I'm getting $40 times 4 which is $160....I'll take the $160 right now, instead of getting sucked out. They all fold. YAY! Another time, early on, I had aces and there was a raise, so I re-raised a hunge on top. Now, Hubby 2 (howard) had just come over, and I'm telling him how tight i'm playing, and he says that since I have that 'stature' at the table, when I get a shitty hand, push a ton pre-flop. So I do with aces. The guy made it $25 I believe, and I raise $150 on top. The guy that raises is upset and he's like, "I got a hand, but that's more then half my stack to call' So I just sit there, he folds, I pick up the pot. They kept talking 'Did you have kings? Jacks? queens? What did you have?" Joey Z knew what I had:) They kept talking and I asked if anyone heard what Howard said to me, they say no. So i repeat his advice and they're like 'No way did you make that raise with nothing' So I shrug my shoulders and say, "okay think what you want' He went on mad tilt!!!! HAHA!

Before I know it, I'm sitting with $1100 in front of me, from my original $300 buy in...sweet! Hubby Mike wants to leave soon cuz he had to work today haha! I gave some to Joey Z on this hand. I have ace jack suited, I limp, Joey Z raises and a few other callers, including me. Flop is ace 7 something rainbow. Seat one bets 15, I call, Joey Z raises to $60. Everyone folds. Back to me. I'm like 'Did you flop a set?" and Joey Z is like 'I have an ace' I'm like 'Okay, well so do I" and he's like 'Okay, that's all I'm going to give you." So he flips over his ace. So now I'm like 'Do you have the case ace under there?" Referring to his card not showing? "Or did you flop two pair?" I still have a high kicker which can pair, and a back door flush draw. So he's like 'Baby doll, if you have an ace, why aren't you showing?" I wasn't sure if this was allowed in cash or not as one guy kept saying that Joey Z's hand should be mucked since he showed it...meanwhile it's heads up. I'm not 100% sure you can do it, I'm pretty sure since it's heads up and it's a friendly game w/ me and him. So I flip over my ace. Joey Z got nervous, I called the 60. Turn is a 10, I check, he bets 60. Dammit I say, then call....nothing on river, he flips over his 10 kicker which paired...dammit! I flip over my jack. He's like 'I had you on the flop, why'd you call?" I'm like 'hey dummy, the 10 hit on the turn jackass!" (being sarcastic) and he's like 'Oh, my bad' LOL. Guy (Buddha we call him cuz he had a buddha card protector) is getting upset about how we showed our cards and insisted both hands should be mucked....then who wins the pot? The last guy to fold...everyone gives him a look as the dealer shoves the pot past me to Joey Z :(

We did had a guy at our table that people kept pointing out when he was at another table. He had on a blue mets hat, and supposedly, he was there when the bad beat jackpot hit at $306k. He was at the table playing, and went to go potty. While he was in the potty and not dealt in the hand, the BBJ hit. NOW, had he been dealt in, then went potty, he woulda been paid the 17.5 k that the table split...but b/c he was NOT dealt in the hand, no payout. Now, had I been at the table, I would have made the casino split the money 9 ways ( I believe it was 8 at the table that got the 17.5) or if they can't do that due to regulations, would have figured out the math that each person should pay him out of pocket. Okay people, if this person did not have nature calling, the BBJ wouldn't have it. NOBODY but the guy that won the $126 K (bad beat) gave him money, and he only gave him $2k...nobody else gave him anything. Yes, $2k is better then nothing, but still, had he have been there, it wouldn't have hit, so it was all him that it did hit. What jerk offs in my opinion. I felt really bad for him. I told him not to worry b/c the money is now 'bad money' Bad karma is on that money now, so it will ruin the people's lives that got it. I'm a big believer in Karma. When I left, I was saying my goodbyes to my table, and I told him that I hope he is at the table when the bad beat hits again. He thanked me and said that he hopes that when it's hit and he's at the table, he wants me to be at the table, how sweet! And I told him that if I'm in the casino and that happens to him again, I'll kick everyone's ass if they do him dirty again. Joey Z who is next to him says that he doesn't doubt for a second that'd I'd kick everyone's ass :)

Good times at the Borgata....can't wait to go back!

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