Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Need to Hit My 50% Goal

Okay so last night, DH and I went to Shop Rite and did the dollar deals. We got 4 8 packs of the Bounty Basic for $16 and giving us $5 ONYO.

We went back inside and did our shopping...$41 OOP and 36% savings...UGH! I believe I'm not at 44% for the month and only a week and a half left! I'm thinking of returning DH's deodarant, he forgot to give me the Q I gave him for .75 off (doubled to 1.50). That may help a bit. I have to go shopping without him. He has to find THE most expensive things to get, like the Mission Tortillas for taco night. I told him to get the other brand that's on sale, and he fussed with me 'But I don't LIKE the other brand' He's never had it. He is sick w/ a bad cold, so I let it slide. Next time he's home, I'm going by myself and when I'm just about done, I'll call him to help me bag LOL.

So I think for the next week, I need to desperatly hunker down and get THE best deals with Q's, that way I can up my percentage. A & P I normally do good at, but they don't have many good deals this week....let's see....I do have Q's for the Chex Mix for .25 and I also have Q's for the Warm Delights that are .66 each. I'm not sure if I have any more Q's for Colgate, but I DO have 3 more for Aquafresh, so maybe I'll run into Shop Rite, return the deodarant, they buy it again with the Q and get some toothbrushes (Aquafresh). Oh, Herbal Essences are on sale at A and P too....2.49 each, so buy two for 4.98 and I have a $3/2 Q so that's 1.98 for two! Not too bad! Oh I see Totino's too! We love them things! I'll probably get those too.

Since that sale ends tomorrow, looks like I'm going to A & P on lunch tomorrow!

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Chicagolandia said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that worries at the end of the month about my totals and percentages. The winetags this motnh have totally saved my behind.