Friday, February 13, 2009

From Monty With Love

I had to post this to get the word out about a dog named Monty. A few weeks back, Monty was hit by a train up in North Jersey. Poor fella didn't have a fighting chance to survive, but he has and is getting better each day. Not sure if I ever mentioned it, but I am a volunteer with the Garden State German Shepherd Rescue (Hubby Mike is as well). We get dogs from shelters or from people who need to give up their GSD (German Shepherd Dog) and we try to find Forever Homes for them. We do an extensive background check on the adopters and many people cannot believe that we are volunteers and don't get paid. We make sure that the adopters of the GSD's keep up with shots and training with the doggies. We don't just give them to anyone. We do home visit, reference checks and vet checks as well. Anywho, more about Monty. He was found by some police officers and a great vet in Union took him in and worked on him. I don't know all the specifics, so I'm putting a link on here to his blog.

He is now in PA with another rescue and he's with his foster parents (not his forever home). He has gone and will continue to go through a ton of therapy and surgeries. It was with great heart that the original vet kept on with Monty. Most vets would have put Monty down because of the severity of his injuries. He has no use of his back legs as seen in the video of his blog. I think it's sad to watch, but just seeing his face, and how happy he is, makes it worthwhile. He will be getting fitted soon for a 'wheelchair' (wheels for his hind legs) so he can walk a ton better. His vet bills and care bills are huge, and if anyone wanted to lend a helping hand, I ask that you help out Monty. You can go to the Last Hope Safe Haven and make any kind of donations. When you do donate, just mention that it's for Monty, so it will go for his meds and necessary items.

This is not a ploy to get donations. GSGSR is in no way affiliated with Last Hope Safe Haven. This is just my personal plea because I feel so strongly about Monty. I would love to take Monty myself, I would even take on the financial responsibility, but with work, we're hardly home and that's no fair to a pup. My heart goes out to Monty and I want to do all I can to help him.
Here is the link to all that are interested: (that is Monty's blog page) (that is the link to the Last Hope Safe Haven)

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That is such an amazing story!