Monday, February 9, 2009

Follow Up to My To Do List on my Snow Day last week

Alright, let's round out last week's to do list and see what got accomplished, then I'll start another to do list:

-I did go out on Friday and got my Turbo Tax at Staples. I'm a bit upset b/c this week, it's $10 cheaper at Best Buy. Dag Nab It! If Best Buy were convenient, I'd return and get my refund at Staples and purchase it at Best Buy, but Best Buy is too far :(

-Did budget for February! YAY! Also made new 'Gift' account on ING to have money go into that account each week so we're not scrambling when a birthday or shower or anniversary comes up.

-Paid the bills for the first two weeks of Feb.

-Did not get the letters started for the Senators, but found out the reason the co-worker sent it out is because SHE is pregnant with baby #2. So now I'm saving up my baby Q's for her.

-House is very clean. Just had an open house yesterday, nobody came, but a guy made an appt to see our place and he did come and seems somewhat interested.

-Filing is done!

-Gift was returned to Babies R Us.

-I did my Q's for last week, but now I have to do them for this week.

-Did not update my grocery stuff just yet, I'm getting bad with my procrastination!

-e-vites were sent for my Partylite party.

-Did not get my envies ready for brides.

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