Friday, January 9, 2009

Stayfree anyone? LOL

I made my first 'trial' run at CVS yesterday on lunch. On my list were the Stayfree maxi pads, Garnier shampoo and some L'oreal makeup. When CVS had their Glade promotion going, I attempted to go. I went at 11am on lunch at work, and the shelves were completely empty, so I haven't gone back, thinking the good deals would have been had already. So I attempted yesterday and here's what happened:

I go in to the Stayfree aisle and there are quite a few packages still available. They had the 28-36 count on sale for 2 for $9, which is a great deal! I also had the BOGO Q's, so I got 6 of them, so three would be free, three I'd pay for. If you spend $20 or more on certain products (these are included) you would get $10 ECB's. So I got my six, thinking 4.50*6=$27 so I'd be over the limit of $20 to get my $10 ECB's. I then go to the shampoo aisle, expecting there to be NO shampoo left, however, they were fully stocked! It's limit one per household, so I got my one (had a Q too and you get $2 ECB for purchasing one). I then made my way to the L'Oreal makeup. I had grabbed some HIP products that were BOGo, but the one was 8.99, then the other would be free. Still expensive but I had a Q as well. Then I figured out what the hounds are talking about. On select make ups, they had a 75% off sticker! AHA! So I grabbed 2 of those so I can use my Q and I went to check out. I wanted the girl since I had a basketfull of Stayfree, but nope, I get the guy in the suit. I felt confident b/c he seemed like a manager type. I was wrong.

He scans in everything, then I (all planned out) hand him my $4/$20 Q (the total was like $37 and change or something). Then I had him my 3 BOGO Q's, then the Garnier Q, then the L'Oreal Q. He can't quite scan in the BOGO Q's, so he does something to the order. The OOP was $13.96. Then he hands me my receipt and I only had the $2 ECB on it. I couldn't sit and argue as the girls from work were picking me up after they got their lunch, so I went out to the car. I'm now figuring out what he did. Since he couldn't scan the BOGO, he took off 3 from the order, and scanned one in and priced it at FREE. That way I got the 3 free (not on receipt) and I paid for the other 3. SO, with the ECB's, I think I should have gotten the $10 ECB b/c I did purchase 6 of the Stayfree, right?

I'm going back tonight to another CVS since I don't have my Q binder and I found out from sbvs from the hound that you can use the BOGO Q's AND the $2/2 Stayfree Q's. They are at home in my binder, so my idea of going to CVS on lunch again is out. I'm thinking of going tonight and getting my 6.50 worth of Stayfree (with my $2 Garnier ECB) tonight using my Q's and maybe some more make up since I have a few more Q's. Also, was also thinking of having DH use HIS card and try to get the $10 ECB as well on HIS card. So I'll get the 6.50 worth on MY card, and if we have enough Q's, have him get $20 of Stayfree. Any opinions?

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