Sunday, January 4, 2009

Marley and Me

DH and I decided it was time to go see Marley and Me last night. I got him the book 2 or 3 years ago for Christmas. He wanted a yellow lab puppy so bad, and as I was out Christmas shopping those 2 or 3 years ago, I came across the book Marley and Me. Pretty hardcover red book with a cute pic of a yellow lab puppy. I had to get it. DH isn't a typical 'reader' but I figured since it was about the dog he wanted, he'd read it. WRONG! I was the one that ended up reading it. It was a GREAT book! So when I heard about a year or so ago that there was a movie in the making, I was soooo excited. Then when I found out that Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston were going to be starring in it, I couldn't wait! It came out Christmas Day, and I wanted to see it then, but we didn't have the time. Finally, DH said last night we should go. I had free tickets from when we moved in here 2.5 years ago, so I figured we'd use those Q's. No expiration date, so we went. We went to Macy's first to get my watch fixed and we got to the theatre in the mall just in time. We got our popcorn/drinks. Ugh. DH wanted the mega deal, which we thought was going to be one huge thing of popcorn for us to share, one jumbo soda and a candy (I got Buncha Crunch). Turned out to be the popcorn and TWO jumbo jugs of soda. I had to carry it with two hands, that's how big it was! Came to $21. However, free refills on the soda and popcorn. DH left his drink in the theatre cuz he was almost done with it. I don't liter and I still had almost all my soda left, so i carried that out and dumped the remaining popcorn and gonna save the bag for next time b/c of the free refill stamp on it. Same with the jug of soda. I'll bring that too :) I'm such a tightass! HAHA!
So, the movie. Was VERY funny when Marley was a pup. We had a yellow lab for awhile, but gave him to a friend b/c our condo was way to small and with work, we weren't home a lot and the pup needed constant attention. He's huge now by the way. Got hit by a truck and got up like nothing happened. When they get Marley, he's the 'clearance puppy' which is what we think our dog 'Slick' was. Nutso dog! It's a cute movie, not all by the book and I brought that to DH's attention throughout the movie. It gets sad as Marley gets older, and the end of the movie, well everyone was crying. Even the teen boys in front of us that were out with a bunch of cheerleaders. DH cried as well. Not sure if many people read the book before going and knew what they were getting into. I cried so hard. Crying now thinking about it. When a pet dies, it's so much worse then a human dying.
All in all, it was a great movie, great actors, etc. and all the stuff in the movie is based on a TRUE story. All the stuff the dog did in the movie really happened. Having had a yellow lab pup for awhile, we can attest to the actions of the dog :) If you go see it, make sure you bring a ton of tissues!
2 PAWS up!

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