Monday, January 26, 2009

Ladies Event and Limit Event 1/18/09 Borgata Winter Open

Sunday morning, DH and I woke up bright and early to head down to Borgata. Me for the ladies event of the Borgata Winter Open (BWO) and DH for the limit hold em event of the BWO. Alarm clock went off at around 6:30 and we snoozed until about 7 or so, and did our normal 'You get up first and turn up the heat' We get up, get dressed, put make-up on (me not DH!) DH packs up the truck and we're off! We stop at Shop-Rite so I can buy some newspapers to drop off at the nursing home (good deed of the day). When we woke up, it was already snowing, so I wanted to get on the road as soon as possible. We got on the parkway at about 8:30 after the two stops and then a stop at the rest stop for DH's breakfast sandwhich and choco milk. We got there in good time, a little after 9:30 (I drove). We checked in, and then gave our luggage to the bell guy. We then went upstairs and registered early since there was no line. We walked around for a bit, then met up with my friend Cherryl who was in her PJ's and changed in the bathroom upstairs after registering at 5 minutes to 11 (start time). My seat was the button (sweet!) and the game begun!

I had a pretty nice table in the beginning, we all pretty much got along, however, there were two people who could not get along. The girl to my right (5) and an older woman in seat 1. The older woman did not play 'by the book' but that can be a good thing. She was winning some hands, losing some hands. She won a pot off seat 5 and put her on tilt and they went at it a few times. I felt bad b/c seat 5 kept whispering stuff to me about seat 1, but I'm not there to make fun of people or tell people how to play. But seat 1 came back a few times with some good comebacks. I was never with a huge chip stack, just kind of got by. right as we were switching tables, I look down at pocket kings....sweet! I raise, and the woman in seat 7 raises me, saying something like 'I have no idea what I have' Not sure if she was talking to the person across from her about something else, or the hand, but when it came to me I went all in, she insta called, showing pocket aces. UGH! Figures. Window is a king and I'm praying that two other people folded an ace! Nothing on turn and river, I double up!

On to the next table. Much better table. A little quiet, but I got them talking. The one girl said that I 'livened up their dead table'. Made a few bad laydowns that could have made me a nice profit, but all well. The one, a girl in the previous hand had pocket aces, and showed. Next hand, the deal hit her hand and an ace shows, so he grabs it and gives her the last card. She starts laughing and says 'Oh you guys won't believe this' and I'm like 'she got aces AGAIN, with one showing' UGH. I get pocket 4's and fold (I figure I'm up against aces). Four flops and then she shows her ace queen when the person folds. Are you kidding me? UGH.
I did have the bloggers give me some shout outs, they were really cool. I was nursing my short stack for awhile, but I was happy when I made it to the dinner break. First hand back, I get ace king. Seat one raises it to 4k, I go all in for another 7700 on top, she calls with pocket 5's. Nothing hits for me and I'm out in 55th. To pocket fives, figures.

It's been over a week and I can't remember and good hands I played in. I didn't play too many, sat tight waiting for good hands, especially with non-players at the table calling everything and anything. I tried to put on my IPod, couldn't get the ear plugs in the tiny hole, gave it to DH, he said there's something stuck inside, can't get it out.

DH busted out in 57th or 56th from his tourney, neither of us placed in the money :(

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I love reading your adventures, you're a natural born storyteller, so I chose your blog for the Lemonade Award.