Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hounding Day 1/6/09 con't - Shop Rite

Shop-Rite (not as great as A & P but Shop Rite only does double Q's, no triple Q's, I can dream!)
Gatorade (5) 6.25
Fresh Bake Shoppe-6 bagels: .25...yes you read that correctly, a QUARTER!
Shop Rite bacon: 2.99 (had some amazing bacon bagel pizza's last night!)
Boneless/Skinless Chicken: 6.87
Shredded Mozzarella: 1.88
Mex American tortillas: .99 (for taco night and tuna wraps!)
Chix of the Sea tuna: 4.79-1.30 store savings=3.49
Seedless Grapes: 2.41-.81 store savings=1.60
Electrasol powerball: (4 in this order and 3 in mom's order-this just has this order): 28.76-14.40 store savings-10Q's= 1.09 EACH! Originally 7.19 a piece! There is a better deal at Target where they are .75 with the Q's, but I hardly go to Target, still this deal at Shop Rite is great!
Canvas Bag Refund: .15

Total before savings: 63.80
# items: 18
Store savings: 16.66
Q's: 10
Tax: 1.79
OOP: 38.93
Savings: 39%

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