Monday, January 12, 2009

More CVSing on Saturday

I had gotten an early morning text from my friend Tim about his poker stories. I told DH that if he got up to get my phone, I'd buy him breakfast (laziness at it's best!) So he did. On our way to breakfast I asked to stop at CVS and I'd buy him something if he wanted me to. So we went. DH didn't buy anything, he didn't want anything. On my card, I finished out the Stayfree and I got 2 of those to get my $10 ECB's. I tried for some more L'Oreal makeup, but the only 75% off I saw were the ones I got at the CVS by work. I got the Garnier shampoo for DH to put on his card. So here are the transactions:

DH Garnier transaction 1:
Total: 4.29
# items: 1
Store savings: 1.30
Q's: 1.00
Tax: .21
OOP: 2.20
Received 2 ECB's.
Savings: 49%

My Stayfree transaction 2:
Total: 12.38
# items: 2
Store savings: 3.38
Q's: 8.19 (6.19 the guy put in for the BOGO Q b/c they don't ring up, the other 2 is my ECB from the Garnier from the CVS by work)
tax: 0
OOP: .81
Earned 10 ECB's
Savings: 93%

Now, fellow hounds, when you do your spreadsheets, do you count ECB's earned in the transaction as a rebate, and when you use the ECB do you count them as Q's?


frugalsuz said...

I don't count EB's as coupons since they are really a form of payment rather than a discount. I have a column in my spreadsheet for Rewards/Gift Cards Used and another one for Rewards Earned. So if I paid with a $5 EB, that would go under Rewards Used. If I got a $7 EB on my receipt, that goes as Rewards Earned.

spaghetti0625 said...

Hmmmm, can you send me your spreadsheet? The one I have doesn't have that rewards thingy in there and I'm a stickler to see how much I saved, etc. I used it for now as a Q b/c that's how it rang up on the receipt, as a CVS Q.

Sarah said...

You have been tagged with the Lemonade Award :) Check out my most recent post for details if you want to participate :)