Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting stuff for free still doesn't make this girl a happy camper!

DH and I took a trip on Saturday to Pathmark b/c they were doing triple coupons. I know yesterday was the couponer's holiday, but I just wanted to see what deals were out there with the Q's I already had. I made a quick list of the good Q's I had (.50 to .99) b/c once tripled, it's a pretty good deal. A lot of stuff I had Q's for were not on sale, so I didn't buy them. I did find some Skippy PBJ with a .35Q tripled which bought it down to a little over a buck a piece. I also found Energizer batteries. They were 1.99 and I had a .75Q, tripled would be 2.25, so I'd make .26 off each one! I only had 3 Q's for .75 and one for 1.25. The rest I had were hidden behind the others, they were expired. DARN! So I got a package of triple A's, and two packages of double A's. I also scoured some Betty Crocker Potatoes. They were on sale and I had 1 .35Q. so I got a box of that. When I went to checkout, that's when the madness began!

I get in the self-checkout ( I love self-checkout, no idea why) and there's a woman in front of me. She got the Heinz gravy and it was ringing up 1.79 and the signs all said 1.25. So she tells the lady and the lady walks over. The woman says the display is right there (pointing behind me). And sure enough, everywhere on the display said 1.25 for the gravy. The lady pulls ALL the signs down, as me and the woman in front of me gaped with our mouths wide open. So, she ends up getting it for free since it rang up wrong. Pretty cool!

So now I'm up and the double a batteries ring up wrong. They rang up for 3.99-1.00 for 2.99. DH tells the lady and he goes with her to show her the sign on ALL the batteries. She comes back and fixes the total and gives me the one for free. I thought they both were free, I didn't calculate the total that quickly. As I go to pay, I'm thinking it's way too much, and with a line behind me and people getting frustrated that they had to wait b/c the lady had to check the price, I paid in cash and then got my stuff and checked the receipt. Only the one was free, the other she didn't see on the computer thing. So I go to the customer service thing next to the self-checkout. The lady we had wasn't there, so I show the girl that's there that yes, I got the one for free, but the other is still the wrong price (granted, I still had 2 Qs in my pocket b/c I didn't use them b/c I thought they were free). Then the lady we had came back and gave us a HUGE attitude. I told her that yes, we got the one for free, but the other still rang up at the wrong price (she didn't look to correct it, just one so she didn't do her job fully the first time). So now, she's giving me an attitude in front of the girl saying that 'A and P policy is..' I look at DH and I'm like 'Idiot, this is Pathmark, do you KNOW who pays your paycheck?" So she said that the policy is the one we will get for free, but the other we get at the price is scans. Makes no sense...if I bought 10 of them, I'd get one for free and the other 9 and the $1 extra price? WRONG! So the lady (the other one, not the one we had) fills out a slip to give me what'd due. I wanted it for free at that point b/c I didn't use my Q. As the lady is filling out the paperwork, the woman NOW at the self-checkout got a 12 pack of A and W root beer that was supposed to be on sale. So the lady again had to do a price check. When she came back, she told the customer that the A and W was NOT on sale. At that point, the lady working on me handed me back $1.07, the price difference. I walk out confused as to what happened, then realized I got the batteries at the right price, but couldn't use my coupon...UGH.

We go to another Pathmark to use the rest of the Q's, and still they rang up incorrectly. However, the lady was very nice and did the price adjustment and I got to use the Q's I wanted. I didn't get them for 'free' from the store, but I did get them free using my Q's! I just didn't get the profit though, the second Q's rang up .75 then .98 off.....they're on to me!

I'm going back to Pathmark this week for more triples with the Q's from this weeks inserts, but I'm returning the batteries though. No sense paying 1.99 when I got them for free, right?


Chicagolandia said...

I hate it when you have to argue with the store clerks - either they ring it up right, or I'll give a detailed online complaint through their company's website. I can feel your frustration.

spaghetti0625 said...

Me too! I knew that they were frustrated. For the maybe 10 minutes I was up front by them, 3 people had valid price gripes. BUT, you don't take your frustration out on CORRECT customers...DUH! I am definately going to write a letter....the one girl didn't even realize she was working for PATHMARK, not A and P!

frugalsuz said...

A&P just recently bought Pathmark, which is why they were telling you what A&P's policies are. My boyfriend's mom works for Pathmark and they've been having major issues with the policy changes. But that's no excuse for her to be so rude to you.

LittlePeopleWealth said...

How frustrating!

Kimberly said...

Why do yo need so many AA batteries? Just how many TOYS do you have? I would have a complex if I was your DH.

spaghetti0625 said...

HAHA, they are NOT for my toys but we recently had to srounge the house for double A batteries for the Wii remotes. So I had Q's to get them for free, so why not just stock up while I'd get them free? That's a no brainer to me.