Sunday, December 21, 2008

Murphy is a pain in the you know what!

So this week, our furnace hit the bucket and we had to delve into our EF to take out money to replace it. This is right after we took out money from the EF to pay for DH's dad's car. We were supposed to get it Monday, but he had to special order his car, so we're not getting the car until mid January. So, I took out the money the guy quoted us at, now it's $470 more. Ugh. I'm already not liking the way our budget it and I HATE taking money out of our savings, whether it's EF or not. Savings is supposed to go in, not take out. DH doesn't get that. yes, we needed the new furnance, but do we NEED to get DH's dad's car? My car is quite old and she could be on her last leg (I'll never admit it). DH just doesn't want us stranded in case my hits the bucket. At this rate, the way last week went, and the way this week is shaping up, I wouldn't put it past Murphy to kill my car this week. I really can't stand Murphy.
I'm doing our budget for January, ugh. I hate doing the budget. I have no idea how we got by on my old salary from my old job. When we first moved in here, I cried every night b/c I never knew if we can get all the bills paid. Now, DH and I are both making a lot more $$, but still, looking at the budget is grim. Even with cutting back, still nothing. A lot of the things we can't budge on. Some of it comes from our stubborness to cut back. We put a limit on everything we do, and still, nothing. I don't see how some people do it. Combined, we make a nice penny, but we still can't afford to go out all the time like our friends do. Going out to dinner makes me cringe b/c it's like $60 at least. I budget $50 a week for fun/going out money, but we hardly use it, so it goes to pay off debt. I just don't see how people do it on half the income we have.
So, I'm down in the dumps this past week, this week is not looking much better. You know it's bad when friends are calling us to come down to Atlantic City, and I (yes ME) am saying no, sorry no can do. ugh.

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