Monday, December 15, 2008

Cooking 101

Yup, that's what I need, big time! Last week I didn't cook at all because we were so busy with everything, so that was out. This week, I told myself I'm going to cook, whether I like it or not. DH left for work this morning and didn't take any meat out to defrost. I was just about to scratch my idea of cooking, and I said I'd better not. So I went to the freezer and pulled out chicken breasts. It's a BIG thing of them, there's about 6 or so in there. Boneless chicken breasts....thick too. I remember I made some chicken and rice casserole awhile ago and since they were so thick, took a lot longer to cook. Anyways, I'm trying to figure out new recipes, so I can make up a 'cookbook' of my own recipes stolen from websites and fellow hounds. I can't realy find something interesting using chicken breasts. If I do, I am missing items and I'm not looking to go out to the store today. I was thinking of breaking it into two meals, maybe chicken and broccoli over rice with biscuits on the side, and then making something else...but not sure what yet. Ho hum. I really want to get a few meals out of this chicken...maybe at least one I'll cook then mince up into chicken salad for lunch this week.
So to all you gals and guys out there, what are some of your favorite recipes you'd like to 'donate' to the blog?


Amiyrah said...

now you know you have to check out the recipes on the blog! lol....the applesauce chicken and peachy chicken were big successes on there. Also, the no-fry mustard tenders went over well too. We really do have to get together and do our "cooking class" in the near future. I can see that you have a great cook inside, you just need to get that confidence up!

spaghetti0625 said...

Man, it stinks not being able to get to the boards!
I saw your recipes and copied and pasted ALL of your recipes. I think there were 40 some. I saw those chicken ones, I may just try them! DH is picky though, so I'll have to keep some ingredients hidden and not spill to him LOL