Monday, December 8, 2008

Holiday Troop Drive!

I am getting involved in an Advisory Council here at work in 2009, and we are doing a Holiday Troop drive to collect much needed items to the troops overseas. I'm trying to be the 'overachiever' on this, so I'm asking for all your help! See below:

The Intern Advisory Council (which I am appointed to starting in 2009!) will be hosting a Holiday Troop drive to collect items to send to local Soldiers stationed in Iraq. The Intern Social is on Wednesday 17 Dec 2008, and that is when we are to bring in the donations. I am attaching the sheet with what to donate and what NOT to donate. I want to 'stick' out as an intern and would love to be the intern that donates the most stuff. This is why I am sending out this email, to ask for all of your help with the donations. If you can donate an item or two (or more!), that would be great and would help out towards my goal. Please let me know if you can donate some items. I have to have all items that will be donated no later than Dec. 16th.

Thanks in advance!
Travel Sizes are best for the following items:
SoapShaving cream & RazorsToothpaste & Tooth BrushMouthwash.Tissues
Magazines/BooksDeodorantGames (Chess/Checkers/Footballs/Monopoly/Etc)Gum/Candy/MintsPastries & Cookies - To included bakery items (NO CHOCOLATE!)M&M’s (Yeah they will survive the trip due to their candy shells)Nuts & Dried fruits/Canned fruits (No Glass Please)Beef Jerky (This is a big hit with the Soldiers)Crackers/Pretzels/ChipsPopcorns (Bagged or Microwavable)Microwavable foodPowdered drinks mixes (Crystal Light & others like it)Socks (White : Men’s)DVD’s (Usually Male Oriented)Cards Addressed to the Soldier for morale purposes Free Cards available!Holiday Items: As we get closer to the holidays, themed items are nice. I’ll send Halloween candy/Cookies/Decorations at the end of September/beginning of October.Also, Local favorites are comforting (Ex: Tastykakes or items only available from this area)
Please do not donate any of the following items:
Home baked goodsOTC MedicinesChocolates (They will melt)Meat (Besides Beef Jerky)Pornographic materials (Even Maxim)Alcohol of any typeAmmo or Anything that might explode due to dropping, combustion, or heat

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Chicagolandia said...

Don't know if you have Target near you - but an idea for the donations: Keebler cookies are on sale for $1.99 - $2.54 a box, but 5 get a $5 gift card. There are also internet printable Q's for $1 off a box of Keebler cookies making these (if you go with the $1.99 ones) free after Q's.