Thursday, December 4, 2008

December off to a great start...Triples at A and P (2 weeks in a row!)

So, this week, A & P did triple Q's again (second week in a ROW) and I just could not resist! So out come my Qs and off I go! I do utilize for A & P, but this week was the off week (boo!) so I had to do it all on my own, and here's what I did:

NY Pizzeria Dip N Sticks (2) 3.89 - 1.78 store savings - .40Q (tripled) = 2.80 each
Pillsbury Quick Bread (3) 2.59 - .92 store savings - $1/3 Q = 1.33 each
Kellogg's Special K (2) 3.99 - 1.49 store savings - $1Q = 1.50 each
Lipton Knorr Sides (18) 1.99 or 2.19 (some were higher priced) so for all it came to 38.22 total, then store savings was 20.22 and I had .75 off Q's, so that was 2.25 each times 9 Q (.75/2) so it came to 20.25 for the Q's. All in all, they were $1 a piece and the .75Q was off 2. So for each 2 I had a Q. So I buy 2 for $2, then the Q triples to 2.25, so I MADE .25 off each 2 that I bought...sweet!

Total before savings - 61.75
# items - 25
Store savings - 27.75
Q's - 25.65
#Q's - 14
tax - 0
OOP - 8.35!
Savings 86%!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I have a cabinet FULL of Lipon/Knorr side dishes!


frugalsuz said...

You did great! Aren't triple coupons so much fun?!? I just wish there was a master price list of stuff at A&P so you could sit at home and match your coupons to items to see if there are good deals. Doing this in the store takes forever!

spaghetti0625 said...

That's why I do thegrocerygame for A and P. The couponmom doesn't have it, and sometimes, it's too much. Although, I did have fun and it was THAT bad to do it on my own. So I may cancel my membership. Save myself $10 that way....