Monday, December 15, 2008

Harrahs/Borgata 12/13/08

Saturday we took a drive down to AC so I can partake in the ladies tourney at Harrah's, then head over to Borgata to buy a gift card for a guy that's retiring here, and make a 'pit stop' at the poker room. The ladies tourney was kind of a crap shoot. There were only 170 ladies playing (very low). Last year, there were well over 300. Things went well for awhile, then I took a bad beat suckout I'd say, then I went on tilt with like no chips left in the small blind. Pushed all in with a king, got called with aces. I had king deuce of clubs. nothing for me, I'm out. Figures...same girl that took all my chips in the previous hand. I played pretty tight, just to see how far I can get. I did switch gears a few times. The hand in question, I'm in the big blind. I have king eight off. I check. Flop is king 8 something. The blinds were like 75 150 and about 4 players in the pot. I bet out 7 hunge (flush draw out there) and I got one caller. Ace of hearts on the turn (flush). I bet out again, I get called. Rag on river, I bet again, call. She had ace 8. she called with bottom pair, ace kicker on the flop. UGH. Seriously, it was the size of the pot and she called with bottom pair. At that point, I wanted out. I hate people that flop nothing, but since they have an ace in their hand, it's good. bottom pair, even with an ace kicker on the flop, NOT a good hand. IMO. So whatever. I was ticked I busted out, but it wasn't that caliber of play I was looking for. On the way to the Borgata, I had my revelation. Hubby Mike said he's been telling me this for YEARS, but I'm stubborn and won't listen. I've placed now TWICE (knocking on wood) at the borgata ladies WPT events. How many times did I place in the other WSOP events? NONE. And I go to ALL of them. Harah's, Caesar's, Showboat, etc. SO, I'm now strictly a BORGATA BABE. No, I'm not on the calendar, but that's what I've dubbed myself. I'm no longer going to play in any other poker rooms but Borgata. I'm done. I'm not throwing good money away on bad players and bad plays. So there, I've said my piece.

ONTO Borgata! We get in and Hubby Mike and I get seated at the same biggie. A few hands in, one of my floor people, who I know and he knows me...we kid around about playing poker when we see one another comes to me and cards me. I look at him, thinking maybe he thought I was someone else, and I'm like 'Dude, I'm here more than you!' as I grab my purse. He's like 'Yea, I know you're legal, but I got a call to card you. Okay. Then I'm wondering if it was the camera in the sky or the old man at my table that looked like Santa and flirted with the cocktail server (who by the way, they are lacking big time on. Hubby Mike and I both ordered a drink-i ordered a hot chocolate and Hubby Mike ordered a coffee-she comes back and forgot about our drinks, but Santa got TWO drinks) anyways. He said something to the floor guy after he carded me, so I think it was him....ugh. I'm 28 years old for pete's sake! So, I played a few hands, nothing too spectacular. Hit a straight and a flush a few hands apart so I was up. Hubby Mike took bad beat after bad beat..but in the end he only lost 100, so it wasn't too bad. There was an awesome hand that I was not involved in but was awesome. One guy had pocket kings, next guy had ace king, other guy has aces. One guy (aces) is all in pre-flop. Side pot on the flop. Nothing comes (like eight high) and they go all in. Ace king guy turns a nut flush draw, nothing on river so the aces held up. Wow!

Oh, speaking of aces, I was involved in one hand that was memorable. My boy Dave (actual name is Daniel, no idea where I got Dave from. So I get pocket jacks, I raise to 17 pre flop and get two callers. Figures. Queen high on the flop. I bet out like 20 or something, got raised, maybe twice...I know once. So it comes back to me, I begrudingly fold. I tell Daniel I can't believe I'm laying down what I was laying down. Sure enough, the words aren't out of my mouth, turn's a jack. UGH! Are you kidding me? Guy goes all in, girl calls. Queen on River. Guy flips over aces (okay) girl flips over queen 7 of hearts! OMFG, she just caught trips on the river, I woulda boated if I didn't fold! UGH, are you kidding me? Aces guy was ticked off...WTF are you doing in the pot with Queen 7 with a 17 dollar preflop raise???? Sure enough, she gets up like 2 hands later to go play a sit and go. Two people did that at our table and I think it's very bad poker etiquette. They come sit for like 10 minutes, and leave. Whether or not they win or lose, still bad. Especially since the one guy took some $$ from hubby. hubby has pocket kings, raises, new guy re-raises. hubby calls...ace on the flop, he checks, guy bets big, representing an ace, hubby folds, showing the kings....newbie shows pocket 3s. I soooooo wanted to go across the table and beat the living daylights outta him, especially when after the next hand, he gets up and walks away...but still is playing b/c I saw him hours later...jerk. That stuff really ticks me off.

OH, there was a fight in the poker room! We were playing, and we got our cards, and all of a sudden a ruckus happens. People are just getting up out of their seats and moving towards the back where the fight was. I look at my 8 3 off, and muck and run over to the fight area, while Hubby Mike is yelling to me to sit down. I can't..I gotta get involved and know what's going on! LOL. Another guy from my table (Sleepyhead I called him-he had his chips taken off the table in the AM and bagged while he got some sleep b/c he kept falling asleep at the table...he came to our table, and was still nodding off-hubby didn't like him b/c he kept checking me out...oh well, I'm hot, he can look all he wants LOL) So Sleepyhead's friend is at a table by the fight, so I friend up to the friend. Sure enough, just like Taj, two old people. I'm waiting to see like 2 21 year old kids throwing punches....nope, two old guys. I have to give it up to the floor people and the security guards, they got right up there quick. You couldn't even tell who was involved in the fight b/c they were surrounded by floor people and guards. Okay, so granted, the guards are either 85 years old or 16 and would probably get crushed if they actually had to break up a REAL fight, but the one floor guy, not sure his name, but he's there a lot, was right there. Then finally, some more qualified security ppl came over. We left to go home shortly after and the one guy involved in the fight was cashing out, escorted by 2 guards. The fight, supposedly, was one guy got ticked off at the other guy, came up to him and started swinging. The guy at the cage was going to file a complaint, not sure if he was gonna file it against Borgata or the guy, or both, but he said he was just sitting there and the guy came up to him swinging. Lovely, over a freaking 2/5 NL game. Don't they all remember what happened at the Taj????? But at least the Borgata personnel didn't let them just 'leave' to take it outside. The guy throwing punches got escorted out and the other guy played a few more hands then cashed out ot file a complaint. It's really sad that people will come to fist fighting over a poker game....I mean really. Is their life that bad that because he got sucked out, or because a guy said some mean words to him that he can just come out swinging? Pathetic!


misterwriter said...

What happened at the Taj?

spaghetti0625 said...

Someone was murdered outside the poker room months ago. They were fighting over a seat at either a 1/2 NL game or a 2/4 LHE game (people say different things). Supposedly, a guy busted out, and went to get money and asked to have his seat saved so he can hit the ATM. I guess nobody heard him, and they sat someone down in his seat. The guy came back and the new guy in the seat and the previous guy in the seat started arguing. Apparently, the staff at Taj just tried to wipe their hands clean of it and said 'take it outside' So they did, and the one guy was hitting the other guy with a cane, and instead of running away (I'm assuming the guy w/ the cane CAN'T run too fast) the guy took out a knife and slit his throat. This happened right by the valet area, nobody did anything...the valet guys just stood in astonishment. That's why I won't go to Taj. Borgata is MUCH better at controlling things.

misterwriter said...

They are all shithouses that have nothing better to do than to take money and pretend they are offering entertainment. Let's face it, they are drug dealers for the state. In the case you mention - Taj should have been sued for seven figures, and probably were but quietly settled, with the "take it outside" and car jockey watching the fun.

The Borgata is no better, in fact they are the worst offenders in AC over the last three years in regards to underaged gambling, drinking, fights, etc. They've had more than 100 robberies in their parking lot. Did you know more than 50 people a year kill themselves in AC hotels?

True Borgata has the best card room and best club downstairs, but that's like saying this guy has the best cocaine and this pimp has the best whores.

The casinos in PA are terrible. No ventilation and non-stop cigarette smoke. Those phony blackjack and 3-card poker machines and tight slots with secret payout percentages. But when they and NY get going in 2-3 years, Atlantic City will look exactly like it did in 1970 - a ghost town.

Three casinos already have stopped building their projects. And in the current economy I doubt they ever will be built.

The only reason I go to that town is to take people's money. I like to take as much as I can and to watch people's hands shake when I say ALL IN. About 90 percent of the idiots down in AC are quoting what they believe are the odds of winning the hand, as I say, "You're a smart man. Now put in another $2200 and you can see that percentages won't buy you another hour of play. Hahaha." That's the nice thing about that city, it's full of suckers and dummies - never seen anything like it. I mean Gardena and Vegas seem easy, until you go to AC.

I love your blog! Keep it up!

spaghetti0625 said...

I don't know about your comment about AC becoming a ghost town b/c the way I see it, those other in NY and PA, it's only 1 casino each right? In AC, you can do bad at one casino, and walk down the boardwalk to another...the options are endless. That's why I didn't like Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods (especially when Mohegan Sun's poker room was closed). At least in AC, you can go to the beach during the day, do some sailing or dolphin watching, then gamble....there's more to AC then gambling :)

I love AC just for the thrill and I love the 'drugs and whores' analogies :)

writer said...

The beach is nice, and the boardwalk. I don't think they should be opening casinos outside of AC and Nevada. It's killing people and making people into compulsive creeps, sitting for hours in front of machines designed to make them into addicts. Slots are the crack cocaine of gambling.

I saw shootings in two casinos over the decades. One at a crap table in Vegas; one at a crap table in Puerto Rico.