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Black Friday at Borgata 11/28/2008

Black Friday is an annual trip for us to AC, we go every year. What stunk was that my 10 year high school reunion was the same day. I didn't make a big deal out of it because we didn't go to Mike's, so no sense going to mine anyways. My friend's 10 year reunion was at Trump Taj like 2 years THAT would be one I'd go to :)

We get up early, at least I do, to eat something, take a shower, get ready and pack the last minute stuff and drop off the dog at my uncles. We planned to leave at noon, but we left around 12:30 so it wasn't too bad. We checked into the hotel, that took awhile, and arrived at Borgata at around 3pm. We put our names on the list for 1/2, which had about 40 some names. (we went with our friend Tom). We walked around a bit to see if we knew anyone and to see if my floor people were there. We ran into a friend of mine playing the noon tournament. He's made it pretty far in the past in the Friday tourney, but he busted around 40th and top 36 paid, so that hurt. After about an hour of waiting, we finally got a table.

My friend Tom got a table near mine, and then switched over when a seat next to me opened up. I got up about 100 within the first hour, then I wasn't catching anything, was was losing blinds. I did make a few good laydowns and got really excited and proud of myself for making the laydowns. The one guy at the table said 'I've never seen someone so happy that they lost money!' What they didn't understand is that normally I don't make the good laydowns...I put bad money in (knowing that I'm losing the pot). The one hand that I loved was I had king jack suited, in early position. I didn't raise pre-flop, figured I'd see a flop. Flop was king 8 5 or something. Guy checks, I bet like 12 bucks, everyone else folds but the guy to my right. Turn comes another eight, he checks, i bet again, he calls. Nothing on the river (not flush or straights out there). So he checks, I bet again, he min raises me. ugh. He's a good player, and I didn't see him calling w/ an 8 when I bet with the king out there. Well, I know I'm beat and I fold, but I show him my kings and 8s with a jack kicker. He shows me king queen! So his queen had me outkicked! SWEET! i got soooo excited which was when Kelly (guy at the table) was saying he never saw someone get so excited about losing money :) He left the table a short while later, but we all begged him to come back. Sweet kid. Was always short stacked but was a good player, we wanted him back. OH, by the way, I looked great! I had planned my outfit for awhile, so I had on a denim mini, with black leggings and black boots w/ the fur LOL. I had on a funny christmas tee as well. So let's see what else happened. I added the pic for everyone to see. I look miserable b/c it took me forever to convince hubby to take the pic, and the actual outfit was in the wash, but this is almost the exact outfit.

OH my friend Tom is an EXTREMELY tight player. So every time he's in a hand, I fold b/c I know he's got a great hand. So he's next to me playing for awhile, and came to my table with 325, had to put away 25 b/c he can only come in with 300. No biggie. He lost a big hand to a guy that wanted to shake my husband's hand because I was such a great girl. He kept saying in his next life, he was going to marry a girl like me :) AW! So, Tom raises and this guy calls. They both flopped a set! Tom flopped bottom set, the guy flopped top set. There were bets and raises, etc. Guy says 'I won't re-raise you this time because you're friends with her' AW! So in the end they flip over, amazing. Both flopped a set. So Tom was down a lot at this point. He busts out a short while later holding aces. He raises pre-flop and I think 1 or 2 people called. I folded (obviously). Flop was four king something. Tom bets, guy raises, Tom calls. Turn was nothing, bet, raise, call. Then the river Tom bets, guy raises Tom all in, Tom calls, guy flopped a set of fours! OUCH! So Tom's out.

At this point, my friend Tim is there and I tell him to switch to where Tom sat (best seat in the to me of course! haha!) So he sits down and we're all playing. At this point is when I see Kelly two tables away. I was drinking a bit and everyone at the table is like 'Go get Kelly! We got an open seat!' So I go over there and beg him to come back. He didn't want to come, thought we wanted his money. Said 'no no no, you're a fun player, we all want you back' I told him to trust me (most poker players are untrustworthy, but not me!). He's like 'I'll think about it' then he grabs my leg and says 'Okay, don't miss any hands' and tells me to go play, but says when a seat opens next to me, to get him.....see, best seat in the house! So, as I sit down, this guy that was at the table earlier sits in the open seat. Very weird guy. Calls EVERYTHING. Nobody wanted him at the table, but one guy did...said he was easy money. HOW? He was taking everyone's money. First hand, the guy that sat down (we called him all in guy..would push all in for like $200 with like $15 in the pot) got heads up with the one guy that wanted him at the table. Took him for a ton of money on that hand...he had ace king and flopped top two. So I don't play many hands with this guy in the pot because it's just stupid. He can be on no draw, will call and suck out miraculously. He couldn't lose a hand! Well, Tim gets involved in a few pots with him and loses. Tim is down to like nothing, and goes all in and loses. Oh well.

Then I run over to Kelly, who's at another table, and he locks up the seat next to me. He was really fun to sit down next to. I tell him about all in guy, he's not scared. Go kelly! He gets involved in a 3 way pot with all in guy and some other guy. Kelly turns the ace high flush, bets, and all in guy is raising. So Kelly is doing the 'acting' part like 'man, are you kidding me?' etc. River is another spade, so it's bet raise call....all in guy had the king high flush (caught on the river) but kelly had the nut flush. So the pot comes he goes from like $200 in chips to about $700-$800 easily. He had these little figurines and the one was his good luck one that he pulled out RIGHT before this huge hand. So I say 'Can I have it?' and he's like 'here you go' So the next hand, I get dealt Ace Queen off, in late position. I raise to 21 (meant 16, the one chip got stuck to the other) and the all in guy calls and so does the guy to my right. Flop is ace jack king. All in guy bets 40, guy to my right insta calls, I go all in, they both fold. So at this point, I'm up about $30, so now I'm happy and ready to cash out. I don't want to hit and run so I stay for a few hands, knowing I'm just folding no matter what. Next hand, Kelly gets ace king, raises big, all in guy calls. Flop comes out ace king rag. kelly bets, all in guy raises, kelly re-raises, all in guy calls. The rest is shady to me, in a blur. They are both all in on the river, all in guy sucked out BIG time and hit runner runner straight (two rags) and kelly had ace king, and flopped top two. yikes. So kelly went from like $100 to $800 back to like $100. Gross. So he makes the remark 'nice suck out sir' and the guy gets all ticked off and telling the dealer he wants him kicked out for saying 'that word' I guess he thought Kelly said the f bomb, which he clearly didn't. So he says suck out again to him to tell him that's what he said, and they start arguing. Now, all in guy is a jerk, but is tipping the dealers BIG time, so of course the dealer is gonna be on his side, and the dealer kinda gives Kelly a warning. I flip my you know what. I'm sorry, but when a friend of mine (okay, I just met him, but I was on his side) is getting blamed for something he didn't do, I'm gonna run my mouth. OH, all in guy too, on the big hand Kelly won from him...Kelly tips the dealer a redbird, and the all in guy makes a snide remark that 'oh, here look, I'll take care of the dealer for you, eventhough I gave you all my money' and puts a redbird in the tip thing. Then Kelly's like 'What, 5 bucks is no good? I threw him a red-bird!' and the dealer kept mum b/c all in guy was tipping the entire time (even losing hands, still tipped). Idiots. I basically had to sit on kelly's lap to get him to sit down and be quiet. I didn't want him thrown out because of a jerk like all in guy. So I leave a few hands later, tell Kelly we'll find him tomorrow and wish the table luck. So I cashed out up $25 for the night.

Part two is great....Poker Karma baby!

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wow, you really are a poker chick! great story! I can't wait to read more...