Monday, December 29, 2008

Day After Christmas-Borgata Trip

I finally was able to convince Hubby Mike to go to Borgata on the day after Christmas! I had some hard work to do, but I did it and got to go to AC for all my hard work :) We moped around in the morning, played some Wii, then finally got around to showering and getting ready. Note: I'm not the type of girl that takes FOREVER to get ready, I'm in and out of the shower, put on my makeup, get dressed and we're out. We left around 2:30-3pm and got to Borgata around 4pm. My friend Tim was already there and filled me in via texts on our drive down. The BBJ hit that morning at like 3:30am. They also started 1/3NL and 3/5NL that are NOT BBJ eligible. I guess people were throwing hissy fits that an extra $1 was taken from every pot that's over $20 to be put into the BBJ pot. Dude, it's a dollar a hand, and if you hit the BBJ, you'll be well rewarded. You ARE in AC to gamble right? That's just my philosphy. 1/3NL had only a few people on the list. Hubby Mike put his name on 1/3 and 1/2. Me? I just put it down on 1/2. If I play, I wanna play to win the BBJ! Hubby Mike gets lucky and gets a seat at 1/2NL for just hanging around the podium. Usually, that's my luck but none of my floor people were there yet. When I put my name on 1/2, there were about 78 names on the list. So we walked around (this is before Hubby Mike got lucky). I ran into some friends, chit chatted, then waited. Finally got a seat at a tight pre flop table, but action after the flop table. Very quiet too. 2 other young girls at my table. Great. Early on, I got involved in a hand, I had 6 8 of clubs, I limp in, a few other limpers. Flop is 6 6 something. Rainbow. Sweet, so I check, other guy checks, other dude bets 15, I call other guy calls. Gulp. 5 on the turn, I bet out 25, other guy calls, other dude folds. hmmmm. River is nothing, I bet out 25, other guy raises me 50 on top. I look at the board. No flush, maybe a gut shot straight on the river, but would someone call 15, then 25 on a gut shot? Highly unlikely at this table. Then I'm like, maybe an overpair? Doubtful, no raise on the flop, but some ppl slow play high pocket pairs. But the way the table was, I'd figure a raise on the flop or turn, not a smooth call. Then I'm thinking he's got the six. I think there was like a higher card on the river. So I'm like 'did you hit the boat on the river?" I know I'm beat. If he has the case six, my 8 kicker does me no good, and if he's got a boat, I'm still done. I flip up my cards and muck, he flips over 5 6 suited...he turned the boat. Everyone at the table could not believe I folded my set. See, I think I'm getting good at figuring out what other people have. If you read my previous posts, I was overjoyed in the fact of making awesome laydowns. And this one too, was very proud I saved myself 50 bucks.

Tim was doing bad, he lost his original $300, then re-bought in for another $300 and doubled right up. got that text from Hubby Mike who was at the table next to Tim. I played a few hands at my table, nothing noteworthy. When I made a raise pre-flop of 15, everyone folded. I got pocket 10's one hand, made it 12 or 13, got 5 callers. Ugh. Come on ten! Flop is queen king like 5. I think 2 spades. Just my luck. I check and people start betting and raising. I show my cards to the guys next to me, they say 'man that's tough' and I fold. At the end, there's a TON of money in the pot, spade on the river. The guy 2-3 to my left, shows 2 pairs, kings and queens (okay) and the other guy flips over queen 3 spades. UGH, I got called w/ THAT garbage pre flop? and it was an old guy no less. Figures. The guy to my right is out to get him, but I guess I wasn't that into the game, i could care less about 'setting my target and getting my revenge' I got pretty tired early on and just kind of watched a ton of hands. Wasn't on my A game, that's for sure. I was more interested in seeing who was there, etc.

Two good hands I remembered was when I had ace two of diamonds. I limp in, a few other limps. Flop comes 2 diamonds (one is the 5 of diamonds, the other is the 9 of diamonds) and a club. Nut flush draw. Please everyone check, let me see the flush for free. Everyone checks. Turn is 3 of diamonds. At this point I need a 4 of diamonds for a straight flush, but I already have the ace high flush. I check, other ppl check, girl makes it 25. Yikes. So I hollywood a bit. I raise her, fold fold, she goes all in (she never had much of stack in front of her) and I call. She flips over the 6 8 of diamonds. I show the ace two of diamonds. She says she needs the 7 of diamonds for straight flush, i say I need a four of diamonds for straight flush. 7 of spades hits...yippee! I win!

Another hand, I had king four of diamonds and I limp in out of boredom. Guy next to me is talking about a tourney he played many moons ago at Taj. Flop is 3 diamonds, one being the ace. Sweet, flopped nut flush! Good thing he's talking to me so it's easy to hide my flush :) I check it to the turn, bet out on the turn, got one caller...old guy that had queen 3 of spades in the earlier hand. River is nothing, I bet out again, I think like 25 or so, he calls, I show him the nut flush, he mucks LOL.

At one point, I saw a guy I've played with a few times. I didn't recognize him a few months ago when I saw him, but he came right up to me and was like 'Do you remember me?" I felt bad cuz I didn't, and normally I do. He did look familiar, so I knew he was not trying to hit on me. So we've been chatting ever since. I saw him Friday and he walked by my table and looked right at me. I immediately saw him, lifted my hand and said 'Hey, how you doing!!!??" he smiled right away ( I guess relieved that I remembered him this time lol). So we got to chatting and he said he was at the final table of the tourney! Gave him a high five and said 'Congrats!' I told him I'd come over to watch when the button passed. I then got my hot chocolate that I ordered, got Hubby Mike and went to watch. Sure enough, as soon as we get there, he was filling out the paperwork b/c he busted out. That stunk. he won over a grand, which is good. 300 plus 40 buy in, played for 10-11 hours and only made 800 or so. But it's better then nothing. I was very proud of him b/c he's never made it that far in a tourney, so I had a good feeling for him. Very nice guy. I then saw my girl Roz at the final table. She saw me, lit up and was like 'Hey guys!' Roz is awesome. She's played in all the ladies events I've played in and she's really nice, she's a great poker player. She placed in 7th at this past years WSOP ladies event in Vegas (or maybe it was 07, I get my years mixed up). She took home like 35k for that! Awesome! And here she was, the last lady standing at the Guaranteed event. Wished her luck and went back to cash.

It was around 10 or so, and I was getting really tired. Hubby Mike was drinking and I knew I had to drive home, so I sent the obligatory, 'whenever you're ready text' Hubby Mike was up like $80 when I left him and I was up like 20 or so, so I figured let's leave on a good note. He comes over with like $180 in chips in his rack. I'm like 'Where's the rest?" LOL. he's like 'when you texted, I was in a hand...lost it too. Set over set. UGLY! So now I'm like 'DARN!' Here I am thinking we're leaving on a good note, now we're down almost a hunge...ugh. Tell him to go cash out, he does. The button just passed me when he came back over. I told him to let the button pass me again then we'll leave. he's furious that I made him leave the table, all well. That hand I get ace seven of clubs. I limp in, some guy raises 5 on top, I shrug and call the extra redbird. Flop is ace ace like 5 or something. Instead of slow playing my flopped set (like my 6 8 hand earlier) I bet out. One caller. hmmmm, flush draw maybe? But he insta called. Turn is nothing, I bet he raises me. JERK! LOL. I re-raise, I can see Hubby Mike rolling his eyes (yea, thanks for the tell! lol) so I raise like 100 on top or whatever it was, I have no idea, maybe I made it $100 total, guy goes all in (for about the $100). I flip over just my ace, he flips over ace queen. I hear Hubby Mike groan in agony. River is a 7! I rivered him! I NEVER do that! So I flip over my 7 and the table is like 'OMG!' I rake in my chips, stack it up and have well over $460 in front of that made up for Hubby Mike's loss. I stick around for a few hands, not getting involved, just sitting there, then cash out. It was pretty sweet ending!

So before we leave, I tell Hubby Mike I wanted to see how Roz was doing. We go back and she's smiling, they just chopped. She took like $19k plus an extra $6k for having the chip lead when they ended it. I was soooo proud! I love seeing a girl beat all the guys :) Only thing sweeter would have been if it were ME!

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