Friday, June 3, 2011

Rolling at Shop Rite! 6/3/11

It's too nice to stay inside at work today, so I took my lunch break and went to Shop Rite. I got this all for $.56 out of pocket (OOP) and got back a $4 Catalina (CAT) to use on my next ya!

4 Resolve 2.99 - 1.20 = 1.79 each. Used 4 .75/1 Coupon (doubles to 1.50) = .29 each
2 Chinet plates 2.69 - 1.35 = 1.34 each. Used 2 $1/1 coupons = .34 each
4 Hefty Bags = 2.69 - 1.35 = 1.34 each. used 4 .55 coupons (double to 1.10)= .24 each
4 Nexcare - 2.49 - 1.50 =.99 each. Used 4 .55/1 coupon (double to .99) = FREE!
4 Reach Crystal Toothbrushes 1.19 each. used 2 $2/2 coupons = .19 each. When you buy (WYB) 4 of these toothbrushes, you get a $4 CAT to use on your next order! (OYNO).

All in all, I used a $4 CAT from the previous Reach deal I did, so I ended up paying .56 OOP and got back ANOTHER $4 CAT!

I bet you are all wondering 'What's she gonna do with ALL them toothbrushes?' I donate them! My dentist has me only using the Sonicare mechanical toothbrush, I am not allowed (nor is Hubby Mike) to use the regular ones. And I have a HUGE stockpile of them, and I'm adding 4 at a clip with this deal. So I'm donating them! Yes, DONATING them. You may not see it on the Extreme Couponing show, but when I do massive shops like that, more then half of my stuff gets donated! What are the two of us going to do with 50 things of deodarant, or 100 toothbrushes? There are those that need these items so I like to give whatever I can.

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