Saturday, June 4, 2011

Keep It Rolling - Shop Rite 6/3/11

I just HAD to go back to Shop Rite to use up the coupons I had for the AWESOME deals Shop Rite was giving away this week! I went to my BFF's shop and printed out 4 SOLO coupons for .75 each (doubling to a dollar). I just googled 'Solo printable coupons' as I wasn't sure where i found the others I had printed at my house. So here's what I did:

4 Solo Plates 2.99-1 = 1.99 each -.75/1 q (doubled to 1.50) = .49 each. Solo has a CAT deal where WYB 4, you get $4 CAT OYNO. So I paid out of pocket (OOP) 1.96 for these plates and got $4 back!!!!! That's a MONEYMAKER (MM)!

2 Hefty Trash Bags 2.69-1.35 = 1.34 each. Used .55/1 (double to 1.10) = .24 each

2 Resolve 2.99-1.20 = 1.79. Used .75/1 (doubled to 1.50) = .29 each

4 Nexcare BandAids - 2.49-1.50 = .99. Used 3 .55/1 coupons doubled equals 3 FREE. One I paid .99 for. I thought I had 4 .55/1 coupons, but I had 3 and the 4th was $1/2. So I just had her give me the one back, but still got all 4 (we need band aids here!).

4 Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrushes - 1.19 - 2/2 q's equals .19 each. WYB 4 of these, you get a $4 CAT OYNO. So I paid .76 and got back $4!

I noticed that the Reach and the Resolve coupons are NOT going through the register, so they have to manually do them. I went to the express lane and there was NOBODY around, so I went there. And of course, as soon as the coupon issue happened there was a HUGE line behind us. All well. All in all, I paid $1.89 OOP and got back $8 to use in my next order. I plan to use more of the Reach coupons I have to keep rolling this awesome MM deal. Before the coupons, the order was $27 and change, and I paid less then $2 OOP!

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Precious said...

Wow! Your are doing AWESOME shopping.