Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shop Rite 7/29/09

I had a GREAT run with DH to Shop Rite! Eventhough as soon as we pulled into the parking spot, it downpoured.....I still made out like a bandit!!! Check it out!

I got ALL this for 18.99 OOP (out of pocket) and used the sales along with coupons to get out of there so cheap! Before store savings and Qs, the OOP was $106.21! I also got back a $5 CAT OYNO (on your next order) and a $3 CAT. I also got 2 coupons for FREE re-usable bags to be earth friendly! YIPPEE! Can you spot all the deals???

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Lindse94 said...

I did great last week too. Those Champ cones are to die for. We did two round of the Blue Bunny deal. Today I got the Ben and Jerry's Flipped Out ice cream and it doesn't even compare to the Blue Bunny cones.