Monday, July 13, 2009

A & P and Shop Rite

Shop Rite 7/12/09
Here's some of the stuff I got and how much I paid:

Purina One Cat food: 1.99
GM Cereal: 3 each for 1.55
Pop Secret Popcorn: 1.00 each
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars: 1.49
Quaker Quakes: FREE!
Manwich: .67 got 3
McCormick Grinders: 3 for .99 each
Bread: .99
Wonder Rolls: 2 for .99 each
Lettuce: 1.69
Pears: 1.74
Bananas: 1.96
Cherries: 1.49 a pound
Minute Maid Cherry Limeade: 1.67
Lactaid Milk: 5.59

Total OOP was 34.03 and I saved 55.46 or 62% Not too shabby!

A & P 7/13/09

They are doing triples this week. I went last night with DH but what I wanted was OOS. I tried on lunch today at the one by my house and all the stuff I wanted, they didn't have. So here's what I got:
Newman's Own Salad Dressing: FREE after Q! (NO overage....they must be on to us hounds!)
2 ears of corn .80

Total oop was .80 for 72% savings.

I'm going to go for an 'early' lunch tomorrow to see if they are stocked. If not, I will come into work late Wednesday or Thursday and get there when they first open. I have comp time to use before I lose it, so may as well hound!

Want to know how I saved so much and paid so little? Sign up for one of my coupon classes! Ask me how!

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Queen said...

HA!! that kitten is was the background on my computer for weeks! love it :)