Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July Grocery Savings

I'm a few days late with my July totals, but here they are...enjoy!!! I aimed for 60% again...did I did it? Did I? Did I? Read on!

Number of items: 173
Total before savings: $540.30
Store Savings: $267.88
Coupons: $97.82
Number of Q's: 70
OOP: $180.93
Total Savings: $359.37 or 67%!!!

Yuppers! I did it! I exceeded my goal, AGAIN! I'm going to up my goal for August to 61%! I had help in July with A & P doing triples...not sure if they're going to do it again, but I sure hope they do! Wish me luck!


annathy03 said...

Great job Spaghetti!

Precious said...

Congrats! 67% is a phenomenal savings!