Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Poker Dream

With all the stress going on, it's no wonder why my mind wandered to poker for the few minutes I've gotten sleep in oh, the past week! My dad had a massive heart attack on July 1st, he had what is called a widow maker heart attack, which pretty much means you have 5 minutes to get emergency care, and if not, you pretty much make your spouse a widow. He was having weird chest pains that Friday night, and around 1130, my mom called to say she was taking him to the ER. My dad had some heart issues in the past, and my grandfather had every heart issue you can think of, so my dad doesn't mess around with that stuff. So off we go. He got better, then got worse, and by worse I mean it was BAD. He was almost in tears and groaning in pain. Good thing he was in the ER when the heart attack happened. His heart doctor came in and he got transferred to a better hospital and the dr performed an emergency cath. He was released Tuesday. Needless to say, my mom, my sister and I were a mess. They cried, and I held it together for them, cracking jokes, etc. I won't cry in public. I guess I'm like my dad, he don't like to show emotion either...maybe b/c it shows weakness or maybe b/c everyone knows how strong we are, and if WE cry, well everyone else will think it's REALLy bad, and you don't want people thinking that.

So he came home tuesday, and on Thursday, I decided to stop at my parents house before heading to the grocery store to stock up my dad on healthy heart foods. My uncle called as I walked in and they were on their way over. Okay so I'll stay a bit to see my cousin, aunt and uncle. Well about 10 minutes later my mom started acting strange. Licking her lips, holding her hand out and not responding to me or my father. I called 911 and in short, she had a TIA or mini stroke. She hasn't been sleeping, eating and just constantly worrying about my dad. My dad lost it when the EMT's came in. She was talking at that point, but still scary for all of us. Within 6 days, my dad had a heart attack and my mom had a stroke. What else can go wrong?

Oh, that's right...on the way to get my mom from the hospital Saturday, the tie rod on my mom's car broke. I was driving their car (dad can't drive for awhile) and it happened in the parking lot (thank goodness!). We got it towed to my friends shop and he's working on it right now.

With all the stress, I've hardly slept since July started. Well, I did have a poker dream and thinking it's a sign to start playing again. I haven't taken that long of a break, but with all this stress going on, I need a distraction. And with me only having 2 months left at my current job and no job offers, I may need to play professionally so I need to get in and start playing again.

So here's the dream. I'm at Borgata playing the main event (it was Borgata, but didn't look like Borgata). I was playing very tight as it was the main event and I didn't want to make any mistakes. After a few rounds, I realize I didn't play ANY hands. I look down at King 7 of clubs and I decide to limp in. Small blind calls, Big Blind raises, pretty minimum raise. I call, small blind calls. However, after the flop, I'm first to act. So the flop comes rag, king diamonds, king hearts, king spades (yes, there was 4 cards on this flop, all flops were four cards in my dream, don't ask). So I flopped quads....woo hoo! I check, SB checks, BB checks. Turn is another rag, I check, SB checks, BB makes a nice bet, I think and call, SB calls. River is whatever, and I check, SB checks, BB shoves all in, I insta call. SB folds. Now here's the weird part. She had pocket kings. Okay let's do the math. She had two kings, I had one, and there was 3 on the flop. that's 6 kings in the deck, and there's only supposed to be 4. I'm thinking "oh, this is great...I finally get an awesome hand, and it's not going to win". Well, the girl had the king of diamonds and spades. The floor guy is called, he comes over and says, "Well, she (me) has the king of clubs, so she wins. That girl (other girl) has the diamonds and spades and they are already out on the flop, so she loses" So I WIN! I took her out of the tournament and now I've pretty much doubled up.

The rest of the dream is kinda weird and fuzzy. I remember winning a ton more chips with absolute nuts on a few hands. I become chip leader of the tournament and get moved to a new table. As I sit, the blogger is walking around and sees all my gray chips ($5k chips) and is like 'Oh, this is the chip leader right here'. I was in seat 5 (right across from the dealer) and the blogger sits in the dealers chair and asks me to pose for a picture. I make my typical 'Beth' face and I'm on the blog! I was so happy I was playing so well and hitting nuts left and right. Such a great feeling! Then I woke up :( Boooooo. So it didn't finish and I don't know if I won, or cashed or how much I would have won.

So, I always view my dreams as something that's trying to tell me something. I always have the recurring dream of watching planes crash, so everyone's like 'That's why you're afraid of flying'. I looked it up, and that means you feel you are losing control in a situation or situations in life, which happens a lot. So it's not why I'm afraid of flying. Hmmmm, just googled it, here's the interpreation:
To dream that you are playing poker, suggests that a situation in your waking life requires strategy and careful planning. You need to think things through before carrying out your actions. Well that's always true. For poker chips:
To see poker chips in your dream, symbolize the uncertainty of life. Sometimes you need to take a chance. Hmmmmm, take a chance huh? Maybe play more poker?

do any of you follow your dreams, or try to see what they mean? I do miss the game and I was suppposed to play cards by our house the night my dad had a heart attack, but my friend Tom (HI TOM! MISS YOU!) didn't get my text and didn't put us in, so we didn't go...well it's a good thing Tom didn't get the message because I would have had to have left to rush to the ER. See, things happen for a reason!

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