Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby - Worrying

I know I worry way to much. I always have, I get it from my mom (Thanks MOM!). DH and I have been talking about having a baby, soon! A lot of people around me say that my timing is way off. I have two months left at my current job. I have put in for some jobs. I have heard back from a few (was not offered the job) and waiting to hear back from 3 more. The bad thing with the government is is that it takes forever it seems to hear back. 2 of the jobs I should hear back in early to mid August at the latest. So I sit here and bite my nails waiting. I've been putting in for jobs for 2 years already, no bites. A few I got referred for, then nothing. Even some I got referred for, got an interview and then we selected another candidate, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

So, here I am, 2 months to go, then will get a small severance, then unemployment. I have a priority placement here at work, but I only put in for one navy base close to my house, and it's very small, so doubtful I'd get in anyways. So I was thinking of opening the scope to the megabase in this state. It's a hike from my house (over an hour one way). I haven't bitten the bullet yet b/c I'd like that to be my last resort. I still want to see what happens with these other jobs I'm waiting to hear back from.

So, this place closes in Sept and I'm on the Priority thing until next Sept. I'm sure once I put in for the megabase, I'd get picked up pretty quick, especially with someone having my work experience and background. I just fear the LONG drive. Especially if I'm pregnant (hello morning sickness, not fun while driving or even when you have to pee a lot, I worry about the little things).

The good thing about the megabase is the child care. They do offer it, but a long waiting list. I've been worrying about childcare especially since my mom had a mini stroke right after my dad had a heart attack. She did say if I had one, she'd watch them, and of course I'd pay her but that's a lot to put on a 60 year old women, right? I'd feel totally comfortable with my child with her, but I'm still weary. My sister has her youngest with her all summer long while she works....but I'd take precedence b/c she's had 13 years with mom as a baby sitter, so when mine comes, mine comes first!

I don't know I'm just worrying about stupid things. DH wants me to be home for 2 years to raise our child(ren) which I don't mind. I did work the numbers and we can probably handle it (with no major unexpected things), but I like how our income is now, and that a lot goes into savings and IRAs and the like. And taking 2 years off isn't too bad right? But then I'm back at square one because I'd be out of the government and once you're out, it's VERY hard to get back in. I'd like to stay working and take the FMLA when I have a baby(ies) but DH wants me to be home with the kids. His mother took a few years off to raise the boys, but then back to work she went. I wouldn't mind a private sector job, but the job security in the government is there. I'm just torn. Any advice, smacks in the head, heart to hearts are welcome.

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Christen said...

If you can take the first year off, I would. They change SO much that first year, it is ridiculous. Maybe give it a shot and see how you like staying home? There's also some things you can do from home to bring in extra money for savings and such.