Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Someone Peed in MY Wheaties!!!!!!

I went into Shop Rite today to score some $.38 Wheaties, since my normal Shop Rite was OOS. I also wanted to pick up some FREE Dove deodarant and some more V8 Fusion. Supposedly they have a lot of vitamins and other good things for your body (as told to me by Dr. Jerry, my bff). I have done the V8 deal two times at my Shop Rite with no problem. So here's what I got:

4 Boxes of Wheaties : 1.88-1.50Q (.75 doubled) = .38 each (1.52 total)
4 Dove Deodarant: .99-1.50Q (.75 doubled) = FREE (no overage) = FREE!

I tried to get the V8 Fusions again with my coupons. The cashier rang up them up, then when she tried to ring up the FREE coupon, it needed an override (also needed at my Shop Rite, which they are really diligent with the coupons now, and both times they did overrode it b/c the cashier had to enter a price in). So, the free one she had already written in the price for the free one, that's fine...but she just needed a key to enter in the $1.99 for the free one. So here's the deal I was supposed to do:

2 V8 Fusions = 1.99 each, minus 1.50 = .49 each or .98 total.
V8 Fusion PLUS Tea = 1.99-1.99q = FREE

So I'd get all three for .98. Well, when the manager came over, the cashier goes 'These two went through, but I need the key for this free one' The manager looks at it and goes, well, she needs to have three of them.' To which I said 'I do, they are right in that bag that's in front of you' Then she looks again at the coupons and is like 'You're already getting one free with these coupons (1.50 off ones). And to do this, you will need to purchase two more of the V8.' I told her 'No, I have 3 items. The first two are 1.50 off the sale price, then the third is free. The FREE coupon says it's Free when I buy 2 of the other V8's which I did.' So she goes on again that I don't understand what she's telling me, yada yada. Then I told her no, she needs to read the coupons and look over the Shop Rite coupon policy. I did buy the two, granted I got them cheaper then most people, but I'm still BUYING them.

I'm just aggravated. I would have made a big stink, but I was on my lunch break, and there was a woman behind me that I had been chatting up in the store with a newborn and a 1 and half year old and she happened to be next in line. I didn't want to hold her up because the manager doesn't understand coupons. Even the cashier didn't get what the manager said. So the manager's thinking is this. Buy 4 V8s, use 2 1.50 off coupons and get the tea one free. Does that make ANY sense to anyone? Thoughts????? Am I completely thinking wrong on this one?????

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mrsmad said...

Got this off another blog that I follow for great SR deals. Hope it helps regarding your V8 issue!!!

The B2G1 free coupon is coded with a 16 as the last 2 digits of the UPC code.That coding means that the coupon is attaching to all 3 products in your purchase so you can not use another coupon(s) against the other items