Friday, May 31, 2013

My Pregnancy: How We Spent Valentine's Day

Ah, Valentine's Day.  A day many men and women plan to be perfect in every aspect: getting the perfect gift, reserving a spot at the best dining establishment, getting the perfect flowers or candy etc.  DH has always done something nice for me for Valentines Day, but he doesn't go overboard, as I don't let him.  I also do something nice for him as well.  usually I will make a really nice dinner for him as Valentine's Day falls on a weekday, and he gets out of work late, so by time he gets home, showers, gets ready, I'm ready for bed :)  So I usually make him a really nice meal, and he usually gets me flowers delivered to work and candy and a teddy bear are waiting for me at home (I leave the house before him).

This year, was a little different.  Everything was planned as we normally do it.  However, when I woke up on that morning, my leg hurt so bad.  I couldn't even really move my leg without my upper thigh/stomach area going into extreme pain.  I couldn't walk, I had to hunch over.  When I sat on the couch to move my feet like I was driving, I was almost in tears.  I had NO idea what was going on.  DH had watched me walk around and immediately got up to see what was wrong.  I was terrified, how could I drive, let alone walk if I got to work?  So we made the decision to go to the ER because of the baby. I hate the ER.  I dragged my feet like donkeys do....similar to a dog when the dog is going to the vet and knows.  But I knew I needed to go because something was wrong.

We both call our jobs to call out of work (great, calling out on Valentine's Day, that doesn't look suspicious!) and off to the ER we go. He had to help me get dressed because I was in so much pain.  We go to the ER and we're talking about how to get to the hospital when we have the baby.  There is usually a ton of traffic by this hospital, but I'm trying to tell him that we will just leave early to beat the traffic b/c most people say it will be awhile before I really NEED to go to the hospital.  We pull up to the ER parking lot and I'm grunting.  I hate the hospital. As we get out, the pain walking into the ER I'm no longer in pain.  Really?  We go in anyway just in case it's mind over matter and my mind doesn't want to be in the hospital.  There is nobody waiting in the waiting room (complete opposite of months prior when I went in for pain and had to wait ALL day in the waiting area). I go to the traige nurse and I'm 20 weeks that day.  Something I learned, when you're pregnant, once you hit that 20 week mark, you go right to labor and delivery for observation, no matter what....even if I broke a hand, I go right in, no waiting...SWEET!  So I immediately get in a wheelchair and wheeled up to the 5th floor.  They get me into a room and the nurse hands me a gown (yuck) and says here, change into this, everything off but the gown.  I'm a germaphobe and DH knows this.  I look at him and he's smiling b/c he knows what I'm thinking.  I'm like....can I leave my panties on?  No, everything off but the gown and she points to my bathroom.  I also had to give a urine sample.  Lovely.  So I go in to the bathroom, change into the yucky gown that I hope and pray they washed, and give my urine sample.  Then I come out, DH is sitting next to the bed, and I look at my bed....a wee wee pad.  lovely.  I'm not sitting on that with no panties on.  So I stand next to the bed waiting for the nurse to come in.  She tells me to sit in the bed...I say, no I'm fine standing.  She looks at me, then at DH who starts laughing.   She must have thought we were I tell her I'm totally skeeved out and a germaphobe...she said there's nothing to worry about and to hop into the bed so they can monitor me.  Hmph.  So I do.  And I'm praying that it's a new wee wee pad as well. DH says I'm crazy to think like that lol.  So I get hooked up to two monitors, one to monitor the baby's heart beat, the other to monitor contractions...which I'm having none.  Everytime the baby moved, you can hear swishing noises. It freaked DH out between hearing that and the heartbeat...I loved it. I could have spent the entire day in there.  I never thought to call my OB/GYN so the nurse called him and he came withing 10-15 minutes. I love my dr, he has such a good bedside manner.  I had just had my anatomy scan a few days earlier, so he needed to wait until they opened that dept to get the results to see if any abnormalities existed that could be causing the pain. While he waited, he sat with me and DH and we talked about everything, work, the hurricane, etc.  He's really nice.

When he got the results, he came back up to tell us everything is fine and normal and that I probably had round ligament pain.  Which can come and go because of my ever expanding belly.  Since I wasn't in pain anymore, he wasn't concerned too much, but still wanted me to come to the office in a few days to follow up.  he also gave me an internal exam. DH was so surprised he didn't have to leave the room, in fact, the doctor was pretty much right next to him as he did it.  At the office with the other doctor mostly, he doesn't allow anyone in the room during an internal, only after he will call the husband in, but this doctor doesn't care as he gave me one or two internal exams with DH in the room. DH was so not ready for the internal, the doctor put on his glove and up he went. I glanced at DH and his eyes were wide open, like hey doc, want me to move?  lol.  My cervix was closed, which was good, so he decided to release me. Said no sexual relations for a week, then looked at DH and said 'Sorry buddy...but take her to a nice Valentine's Day dinner' lol.  I was released shortly after and we had all of the day to be with each other.

We decided to stop at Dunkin for breakfast, then went and did a few little errands here and there, took a nap and since we're not big foodies or anything, we ordered take out for dinner...that way I can stay in my sweats and not worry about getting all dressed up to spend a ton of money on food. 

Since DH works for UPS and that was who happened to be delivering my flowers, we came up to where I worked to meet up with the driver that would have delivered my flowers. While I was in the bathroom at the hospital, DH had called him up to asked him not to deliver them, that we would come up to get them from him.  So after the hospital we came up to where I worked and we met up with the driver.  He was very concerned about me since I see him once in awhile at work when he delivers to my building.  He wanted to make sure I was okay. We also went to visit another one of the drivers that DH is really friendly with.  He has 3 kids...a set a twins and a baby girl.  he was also concerned when DH called him early in the AM to tell him he was calling out to take me to the ER.  His wife's first pregnancy was horrible, he was in the ER with her every week pretty much.  She kept bleeding and having a ton of pain, on bedrest, you name it. so he was concerned, he's soooo super nice and caring. 

So that was how we spent Valentine's Day this year :)

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Precious said...

I am so sorry that you had to go through that but so glad the baby and you were fine.