Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Pregnancy: Announcement to Friends via Social Media and Holiday Cards

The time had come at Christmastime to make it official to all our extended family and friends that we were expecting, and the best part was that we got to do it around Christmas, making it a gift in and of itself :)

For our holiday cards, DH and I decided to have a onesie made (okay it was more or less my idea) with a saying on it " I Was Born to Be Your Baby" as a tribute to Bon Jovi (our favorite band - I'm from the town he grew up in, and DH is from the town right next door!).  DH and I had tank tops made for our wedding video (yes, we made a video to Born to Be My Baby) where his said Baby I was Made to be Your Man, and mine said 'I was Born to be your Baby' lol.  We made a pretty cool video of the song with our wedding videographer, and I'm glad we saved the shirts.  We got dressed up for one pic on the holiday card holding Lucky the cat, then the middle pic was the onsie we made with the EPT test picture in the middle, then on the picture on the card was DH and I wearing our tank tops.  We both thought it was cute, take a look!

The funny thing about this card, was that the night I gave it to my sister and parents, I was at a holiday play that my nephew was in at his school, where my sister is the secretary.  Jon Bon Jovi's niece goes to the school, so when I showed up, I just handed the cards to my mom and sister. Then she pointed out Jon's brother, Matt (also his manager) was sitting in front of us.  OMG!  She is friendly with him as anything at the school goes through her and she was like 'Should I show him the card??'  I was like 'OMG, NO!'  The next day, Jon's sister in law came in to pick up her daughter and my sister showed her and said she was going to show Matt the card, and she was like 'You should have, him and Jon love stuff like this!'  My sister called me, and I was like "i have extras, I can send Matt and Jon ones if they want!' hahahaha.

For social media, we decided to wait until Christmas Day and we both posted it a picture of my sonogram from Christmas Eve on Facebook and Twitter.  People were so shocked and surprised to know we were expecting! We have been married for almost 6 years, so many people just thought we'd be one of those couples that didn't have kids.  But meanwhile, we were terrified of being bad parents, raising our kids wrong, me with the pain of pregnancy and labor, those were the real reasons we did not get pregnant sooner :)  We had our family and now our friends all knew, it was a great Christmas!

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