Friday, May 24, 2013

My Pregnancy: Big Announcement to the Family

We decided to keep the pregnancy mum for awhile, especially after what had transpired when we told my best friend.  I wanted to do something special, and I figured we would tell our families on Thanksgiving.  It was still a little early, as I was less then 2 months pregnant, but I knew our families would be so happy to hear, since we've been married for over 5 years at that point :)

We figured Thanksgiving would be the best day since we spend Turkey Day Dinner at my in laws, then usually go to my mom's or sister's (whoever is hosting) for dessert.  Since Mike's parents and brother knew, we would be telling his uncle, cousin and grandma at his mom's house during appetizer time.  Yes, we do it Italian style.  Mom (DH's mom) puts out a huge appetizer spread, like antipasta and all that jazz, then we have about 5 courses for dinner!  I got all dressed up for the occasion, as I figured this would be the last time I can really dress nice and tight before the baby belly comes into play hahaha.  I had bought a nice dress months earlier and I was like well, it will still fit so I'm wearing it! 

I always make some kind of dessert for both families (to be fair) so I made a cake for each family, but for my family, since there would be a ton more people at my sister's this year to tell, I figured I'd make the cake and decorate it with a nice saying that we are pregnant.  In my mind, I'm Betty Crocker when it comes to baking...and usually I'm spot on...but decorating, not so much :)  DH decided on me doing a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting for his family, and to do a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting for my family, and do the red writing on the white cake for my family. In my head it looked fabulous, but writing on the cake, not so fun, esp when I smeared it when we went to put foil on it to cover it. Then transporting it again, smeared...oh well.

So we went to his family's house first and I was so nervous and excited to tell everyone.  We hadn't really planned on what/how/when to say anything.  I figured when there was a lull in conversation at the kitchen table, DH would say something.  But he wasn't to quick to catch on.  I kept kicking him under the table, but he was oblivious.  I'm actually surprised his grandmother or uncle didn't say anything when I wasn't drinking alcohol and had water instead.  So finally, DH's mom blurts out, Okay, everyone, shut up, Mike has an announcement to make!'  So everyone pretty much caught on at that point, and all we hear is Grandma say, 'Beth's PREGNANT!!!!????'  DH was like 'Yes, Grandma, that's our announcment lol.  It was so cute! And she was sooooo happy that I was finally pregnant.  She always wanted us to have a baby.  As I write this, I'm in tears. Grandma passed away last Thursday :(  She had a stroke in March, and never really recovered. She kept getting infections, dehydrated, etc. in the hospital. She was a very strong woman, very very strong indeed.  She survived 2 cancers late in life (within the past few years) and she was very healthy, even though she was a big smoker.  Everyone in DH's family thought she would outlive all of us.  We had her wake and funeral this weekend, and she was buried in the dress she wore to our wedding, how nice is that? She loved that dress. At the wedding, she told DH's mom she wanted to be buried in that dress. She looked so beautiful.  She is definately up in heaven looking stylish and good for her husband Poppy. I never met him, he passed right before DH and I met, so now I know they are reunited in heaven :)

So everyone was happy at his parents house. So after dinner, we went to my sister's house for dessert and she had a houseful of people!  We kept the cake outside so people wouldn't peek or anything.  So when I went outside to get the cake, my sister gathered everyone up into the kitchen area, and I came in with the cake. She was giving a speech and then turned it over to me.  We have NEVER done anything like this. So I said that in my normal Better Crocker way, that I made a cake, but this was a special cake, and that Mike actually helped me make it (laughter from the crowd).  I then took off the foil and showed everyone what the cake said 'Baby Russo due July 3rd!'  My one aunt, who adores babies and has wanted us to have one forever was in the back of the crowd, but she must have awesome vision b/c right after I unveiled the cake, she screamed.  I think the neighbors even heard her!  She was sooooo ecstatic, everyone really was, but she was just over the top. She was the same aunt i saw at Shop Rite the day we found out we were pregnant but couldn't tell everyone.  My cousins were so excited that the next day was Black Friday so they can start shopping for the baby!  Granted, they didn't know if the baby was a boy or girl at the time, but they were just sooooo excited! 

So all in all it was a great Thanksgiving for both families!
My Thanksgiving Outfit.....can't fit into that dress anymore!!!  (not for awhile at least :) )

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