Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Pregnancy: Gender Reveal Party

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I LOVE Tori Spelling.  I love her NOW, not back in the 90210 days.  I always thought she was a spoiled brat who only got the part on the show b/c of her daddy.  But I watch her show on Oxygen (her and her husband and kids) and I just love her. She's so creative and down to Earth and loves to organize parties, so I thought, with this pregnancy, let's do a gender reveal party!  There has been a ton of drama going on in our families, that I thought a party is a way to get everyone together for something GOOD for once, so let's do it.  DH didn't think it was a good idea as we had a ton of stuff going on with our condo and everything, but I figured why not have something else to add my to my list of things I need to do????  So that hatched my idea for a Gender Reveal Party! 

We made the invitation poker themed, as we are big poker players, Everyone loved the invitations.  I know I saved it, but I think I saved it on my work computer, and of course, I'm on maternity leave...figures!

We had the party almost a week after we had our anatomy scan. We wanted to be surprised with our families, so we had the tech not tell us and to put one of the sonograms in a sealed envelope with what the gender was and we took that to the bakery in town to make our Gender Reveal Cake.  I had some ideas for the cake, and I showed them to the baker, and she took the pictures and said she would make something really nice.  Take a look:

So we had some family and friends over.  We invited a little over 20 people to the party, figuring that half would come, so 10 would be perfect in our tiny condo.  Imagine our surprise when EVERYONE RSVP'd yes, and then they ALL showed up.  That never happens, but we were pleased with everyone coming.  Yes it was cramped, but we all had a blast! We played a game where we had baby bottles filled with beer and all the couples got together and the women 'fed' their men with the baby bottles and the first guy to finish all their beer won.  That was soooooooo funny. All the men trying to drink the beer out of  a newborn nipple bottle!  My father in law gave up and poured his out into his solo cup and drank from there.  Some men cheated and bit the nipple to open it up more...but EVERY guy had a sore jaw after the fact :)

Here are some pics from the party, enjoy!

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