Wednesday, August 24, 2011


EW, just saying or writing the word gives me the skeevies! This is the SECOND time this summer we have gotten maggots in our outside garbage can! We got some a few months back and DH took care of it, b/c I won't go NEAR bugs. We came home on Sunday night after the downpour we experienced. As we walked up to our stoop, DH was like 'Dude, look at that!' And there all over our garbage can was maggots...creepy crawly maggots! So we came inside and DH took the bug spray and sprayed all over the garbage can and ground around the can. Gross. I know one of our 'neighbors' kids like to walk by and pick up the lid of other people's garbage's and just dump half eaten food in there, so we're assuming this is what caused all the dirty maggots. And since I refuse to go digging to find the culprit (as is DH) I won't go starting trouble. Although I did want to gather some up and leave them on their doorstep or car, but whatever :)

So I was off on Monday and decided to take some action. I woke up and just missed Shia LeBouf on Regis (damn) and said it was going to be a bad day. But I was kidding, or so I thought. I got up and decided to take the trash out that we had in the house, so I grab the handles to pull out the bag and it ripped. Then, the DD cup that DH had on the top spilled out all over the inside of the garbage can, and some dripped to the floor. I got the garbage out, put it in a new bag and took it to the curb. We are supposed to have our garbage in a can, but I wasn't touching the can, and everyone else drops their bags off anyways. When I came back to the house, I took a good look at the maggots. gross. they were on the sidewalk too! so I went in and grabbed the spray. I sprayed all over, the sidewalk, the can, the dirt. When I ran out, I grabbed the bleach and started bleaching them to death. I found 3 by our welcome mat and got them with the bleach. (I think they got there from me throwing the bleach). I figured at that point, I would stay inside and let DH handle it from there.

So later in the afternoon, I figured I'd cut my coupons. So I grabbed my binder, and put it on my lap and put away some coupons I had laying around. I closed it up, and placed it on the floor next to me. When I did, I saw a HUGE spider crawling on it. I screamed. The patio door was open, so anyone that lives near me had to hear my blood curdling scream. So after a minute or two (felt like an eternity) I unfroze and decided I had to kill it. But now I couldn't find it!!!! I grabbed a show ready to hit, but couldn't find him. Oh great, now a loose spider in the house. I got my cell phone to call my best friend. As the phone was ringing, he came out from hiding and I got him! My friend answered and I told him what happened LOL. I was going to ask him to come over to kill it. hahahahahaha.

DH texted he would be home late b/c of work issues, so I decided to read some of my book and then take a shower. So I'm in the shower, relaxing, and then I see it. On the handle of the door was ANOTHER huge spider. Another blood curdling scream. Then I realize I'm stuck in this stand up shower, inches from the spider. Another scream. Nobody is home...and even if a friend were over or if a neighbor happened to break my door down thinking someone was being murdered, did I want them to see me buck naked? I think not. So there he is, just chilling..then starts moving....I freeze again. Then I look around for something to swat him with....shower gel? I grab DH's (not using mine) and start to hit the handle, he falls...ew. I can't step on him. So I start banging on the ground where he is with the bottle and he dies and I swish him to the drain....ah.

DH finally gets home and I fill him in on my bug ordeal. He's very proud of me for killing two spiders. they are my greatest fear. So he goes outside to take care of the maggots. I gave him the rest of the bleach, then start going through my stockpile. Found cleaner with bleach, then found a site that says ammonia kills them too. I didn't know they were still IN the can, just thought they were on the outside. So he took the ammonia with him and the cleaner. He took the can out to the curb. At this point, neither of us wanted to clean it, so we figured we'd let the garbage men just take the thing and I'd pay $20 bucks for a new one. Well, he took the can out and poured the cleaner AND the ammonia into the can. Big no no. I didn't know either, but when I called my dad he's like 'Are you nuts?!' so DH called poison control and said just to dilute the can with water. DH is fine though, didn't inhale anything or get anything on him. So that was that...or so we thought.

Yesterday we wake up and I look outside and I see some maggots on the can again! WHAT?! how did that toxic mixture not kill them???!!! There was only a few, not many. DH went out and sprayed lysol on the can before he went to work. When I came home, I only noticed one or two still alive. No biggie. I had called the garbage pickup company and asked them to take the whole can and I put a note on it too. Told them what happened and they said they'd have them pick it up today (no pickup yesterday). When I went to go shopping with my best friend for new cans, I made him open the can. He didn't want to, but I pestered him...there were tons still alive in there! HOW?!. We still had to dump the liquid out of the can, DH did that when he got home. He then sprayed lysol on the grass where the maggots came out.

So hopefully they garbage men took our little bug problem away today. I can just imagine any of our neighbors seeing DH spraying lysol on the grass lol. Ah, the joys of condo ownership :)


Sam said...

Beth, you make me laugh :) I was seriously cracking up reading this. I would have done the exact same thing though! I picked up laundry last week (DH leaves clothes ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!). I felt something, and looked down. I had a brown recluse ON ME!! It was on my side, right near my underarm. I screamed and flicked at it, and it fell to the bottom of my shirt. I had to swat it AGAIN!! I grabbed the can of hairspray since I was in the bathroom, and just soaked the heck out of the thing on the floor. Then I grabbed the biggest wad of TP, scooped it up, and flushed as fast as I could. :P

spaghetti0625 said...

a brown recluse???I think I would have passed out!

Precious said...

UGH! I hate spiders too.